My boyfriend was right — but I’ll never tell

Only two weeks left of get-organized month. I spent weekend time sorting and arranging. There are still bits and bobs that need a home, but I’m letting them be until I can make that happen. Morgan and I were at Goodwill this past weekend, and I saw a book called something like “Organization for creative people.” I showed it to Morgan, and he said that I didn’t need that book. He’s right. I don’t need any book on organization. I only need to live the Nike slogan: Just do it. Where can I sign on for a month of house arrest for getting everything organized? Am I the only one who thinks that that would be amazing?

(On the other hand, I did get this book, which I *needed*. What a fun journal cover it will make.)


In what I consider to be a step in the right direction, I’ve learned that seeing my living room, dining table and other horizontal surfaces littered with unfinished projects (or works in progress; WIPs, which seems to be a knitting term more than a beading term) makes me uneasy. It feels like countless fingers/knitting needles/beading needles pointing at me in accusation. I don’t care for that. So, I need to be better about packing up projects and pieces. I am a great example of out of sight, out of mind. (In sight, out of my mind!)

I still have many things to make and there will be some trial and error. Those photos will be more interesting than these ramblings.

But, until then … I tried out the Fiberista sock yarn club and this was the January ’17 yarn. How can that color be anything but a sign that I made the right choice? It’s truly a lovely, lovely orange. Plus, I love surprises showing up in the mail. I still feel a slight hopeful thrill every time I check the mail.


Here’s a future choice: Iridescent gelatos. They’re not available yet, but were announced at CHA this month. So, Morgan was right and now Tom Petty is right (as per usual): The waiting *is* the hardest part.


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