Too much stuff for Steph

First, let me say that I realized today that I’m the only person in my family who has a need to have a plan. I believe in some wiggle room within a plan, but I would like some kind of structure within which I can find comfort.
I asked my mother today if anyone else in the family was such a planner, and neither of us could think of anyone. Maybe it’s best that way. To be honest, neither I, nor my people, could stand it if there were another person like me demanding dates, times, commitments. Even I make myself crazy with the questions I ask, but it’s who I am.

Oh, me and my quirks.

Speaking of which, I realized that I seriously have way too much stuff squirreled away in boxes, bags and bins on my shelves. The bad news is that I so easily lose track of what I have that I end up having multiples of items. Just this week I realized that I have two copies of a polymer clay book on my shelves. While it’s a lovely book, it doesn’t necessitate a need for two copies.


Ocean-themed shrink plastic.
Anywho, I took last Friday off from work to do some organizing while I put the kiln to use.

I made some glass pieces. Some were successes, some not so much.


I love the tiny glass owls.
Fused-glass cabachons.
 And, I organized. Oh it felt good. While tidying up, I found a stash of pieces that need anything from a simple bail to a slick—or three—of paint to a special necklace/chain made just for that item.


Polymer clay pieces in need of paint
Mostly ready for chains or necklaces.
Resin shapes in need of some Swellegant paint.
 It left me feeling kind of ahead of things as far as the market goes. Hurray for small victories! Now to start finishing those pieces.

Finishing projects and keeping things organized is an ongoing battle. All I can do is soldier on.

Not so helpful hands

While it was not as wonderful as the original film, the Wet Hot American Summer TV series had some great bits. The most quoted line (for Morgan and me) is Paul Rudd’s “Your bones are all jacked up,” line he uses as an excuse to rub “Katie’s” shoulders. (I feel like Earl’s brother on My Name is Earl when I start interchanging real names with character names. Ack!! But, it’s true to who I am, because Morgan has always said that I view the movie Taps as a biography of Tom Cruise. That movie ruined him for me, and I’m OK with that.)

Anywho, if I had a $1 for every time Morgan has told me that my bones are jacked up, I could at least treat the two of us to a fancy night out.

And, in a recent Spontaneanation episode Paul F. Tompkins used the line “My Judas of a body.” I think that’s a great line. Most recently it’s been my hands and arms that have betrayed me. The metal shears I used to cut up the tins last weekend put some unwelcome pressure on my hand, and my right thumb has been grumbling at me ever since.

I know that what I do sometimes causes my hands to hurt. I’m sure the long hours in an Alaska fish cannery years ago didn’t help any. But, I’m not ready to put down beading and/or knitting needles. Morgan suggested a week or so of not engaging in activities that require fine motor skills, and just thinking about it makes me antsy. But I do wonder if I could use that time to read. Or, do paper mache. I’ve long thought that paper mache might have to be the craft I turn to when my hands are little more than crumpled balls at the end of my arms.


expect more paper mache as time goes on. morgan formed the muzzle; i need to repaint it now
sure painting is in order, but i still love his “eyebrows” and 3d beak.
Being in too much pain to do what I love is the scariest aspect, for me, of getting older. The answer is to take breaks. And to take care of myself. It’s just so much easier said than done. But tonight I am following my advice. I am going to read for a bit. The pressure of an author interview next week is at least as good of motivation as giving my hands a break. And don’t be surprised if it’s a book of fiction that I’ll be addressing later this week.

for funsies: this is the V Day card i made for Morgan. i kind of love the die-embossing technique.

Am I still talking about books on Thursdays?

I’ve long said that there’s always something off about me. Typically I mean my appearance, whether my cardigan is buttoned wrong or my hair is crazy, I just can’t seem to get it together all the way. Now my not-quite-right essence is seeping into other aspects of my life, such as books.
I made a commitment to go through my craft books, and what do I do? I read fiction instead. And i listen to audiobooks — both fiction and nonfiction.

I’ll come clean, the two books I actually read were YA books: Calvin, by Martine Leavitt and This is Where it Ends, by Marieke Nijkamp. Both of the made me cry. For different reasons. I’m not trying to say that YA books are easy reads. They are, however, sometimes shorter than books for adults.
I really liked Calvin. I don’t know what teens will have to say about it. It feels like it was meant for people my age, who spent more formative time with the comic strip. Of course, I have no claim on Bill Watterson or his work. I’m sure that kids find the compilations and fall in love with Calvin and Hobbes just like I did.

I also caught up to the rest of the world and listened to The Girl on the Train. An audiobook can’t be a page turner, can it? It has to be more like a driveway book, sorry NPR. I did find myself sitting my car and listening, no wanting to hit pause.

Now I’m finishing up Meet Me in Atlantis, by Mark Adams. I’ve been fascinated by the idea of Atlantis for as long as I can remember. A personal highlight for me is the fact that the author introduced me to the word geo-mythology. It’s the study of alleged references to geological events in mythology. The word was coined by someone at Indiana University in the late ’60s. (Yay for Hoosiers!). In the book he mentions someone at the UW (three cheers for the Pac NW) who studies it now.
Why didn’t I study geo-mythology or cryptozoology? (big sigh …)

That’s my book talk for the day. All of those books are good listens while crafting. Honest. Do you listen to audiobooks? If so, is it while you do something else? If so, what? I’d love to hear! You can also find me on Goodreads; my profile name is Spawnder.

As Annie Lennox said, “These are the contents of my head.”

I might finally be able to get my head around the fact that I need to do market stuff. Maybe I can chalk it up to the fact that I took a jewelry class at Beadworld alittle more than a week ago. We cut up metal tins and turned pieces into earrings and pendants. Since then I’ve scoured a handful of thrift stores looking for tins with interesting prints. My local Goodwill is by far the best source. That place never fails to amaze me! And, I love having real reasons to pop in.
This lovely Klimt coffee tin many have to stay intact, even though these prints will make for lovely pieces.

Saturday I cut up almost all of the ones I had. Why I didn’t take a “before” photo, I do not know. However, here’s a sample of some of the cut up pieces. (Now to find a proper storage box before I hurt myself.

Here’s the pair of class-made earrings that started all of this.

Because Morgan was “Super Hero Homework Man” this weekend, I found myself with extra time for a few other projects, too.

I finished the “Meatopia” puzzle that he and I started.

I prepped my glittery signs so that they’re ready to be displayed at the market.

I finished another windowpane scarf.

I started another poncho. This new one has a very granny square/crochet vibe, and I’m OK with that.

Oh, and I finally started painting the five papier mache critters that have been parked on my kitchen counter for far too long.  

 These are another great example of when I need to take breathers from the process and do some photo documentation. It’s good to have goals.