Not so helpful hands

While it was not as wonderful as the original film, the Wet Hot American Summer TV series had some great bits. The most quoted line (for Morgan and me) is Paul Rudd’s “Your bones are all jacked up,” line he uses as an excuse to rub “Katie’s” shoulders. (I feel like Earl’s brother on My […]

Am I still talking about books on Thursdays?

I’ve long said that there’s always something off about me. Typically I mean my appearance, whether my cardigan is buttoned wrong or my hair is crazy, I just can’t seem to get it together all the way. Now my not-quite-right essence is seeping into other aspects of my life, such as books. I made a […]

As Annie Lennox said, “These are the contents of my head.”

I might finally be able to get my head around the fact that I need to do market stuff. Maybe I can chalk it up to the fact that I took a jewelry class at Beadworld alittle more than a week ago. We cut up metal tins and turned pieces into earrings and pendants. Since […]