A day late and a dollar short

I dropped the ball on my Sunday post, but I refuse to beat myself up about it. There was pre-guest cleaning to do. And baking! I received a Bigfoot cookie cutter for my birthday, and I needed to put it to use. So, after cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to make sugar cookies, which […]

Derailed by details and some other stuff

Thursday is book day, and I’ve got nothing to report. At least not craft wise. On second thought, I took my “Instant Artist” set off of the shelf and think that the pre-printed canvases will make for great journals covers.    I think they need to be left blank to let someone else do the […]

Seed beads just be(ad)cause

The Hoosier family members have been gone for just shy of 48 hours. I miss them like crazy. What a kooky, wonderful family I have. Our workplace fall craft fair was today. I’ve been up since 4:30ish and am really so sleepy I have low hopes for the clarity of this post. I started to […]