It’s nothing some new art supplies can’t fix

I took Monday off for some crafting time, and it was very much what I needed.

I broke out my wood-burning tool, glitter acrylic medium, beads and more. Monday opened the door to wanting to create, and that feels good.

These wooden circles have been sitting around for ages. So, I took some stencils, traced some images and got to burning. I’m not a master, but it is fun.
I used iridescent gelatos as water color. Very fun and relaxing. I do need to do something with the back sides and then seal them before they will be featured as pendants.

Mostly I’m trying to use up some of my inspirational bits and bobs. There’s no sense starting from scratch.

Here’s a quick visual journey of the rest of my week.

Here are a fe off the earrings that I colored/painted/glittered up and embellished with crystals. These are four of the more than a dozen pair I completed.
Here are a few of the earrings that I colored/painted/glittered up and embellished with crystals. These are four of the more than a dozen pairs I completed.

Here are a variety of pieces that needed to be strung, fixed with resin, beaded around, altered or assembled.

IMG_8316 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8315

The top right two pieces will likely go to mom. I feel like I did very little to construct them and just can imagine selling them. The open circle on the bottom right is made from glitter, resin and dried flower petals from the roses I got when Slinky passed away. (sigh …)

IMG_8320 IMG_8319

While I was fixing a few pieces with resin, I finished a few more that incorporate foil, glitter and dried flowers. Oh! I bought a primrose yesterday and already have petals tucked away in a book. I also bought some seeds to plant that I will grow, then pick, then smash, then turn into jewelry. I’m ready to get that ball rolling.

IMG_8323 IMG_8324

Lastly, here are the journal covers I showed last week. I have a hope they’re salvageable. I have some ideas, but that’s what I said seven days ago. If they’re notsalvageable, that’s why the art gods gave us gesso!

IMG_8322 IMG_8321

My boyfriend was right — but I’ll never tell

Only two weeks left of get-organized month. I spent weekend time sorting and arranging. There are still bits and bobs that need a home, but I’m letting them be until I can make that happen. Morgan and I were at Goodwill this past weekend, and I saw a book called something like “Organization for creative people.” I showed it to Morgan, and he said that I didn’t need that book. He’s right. I don’t need any book on organization. I only need to live the Nike slogan: Just do it. Where can I sign on for a month of house arrest for getting everything organized? Am I the only one who thinks that that would be amazing?

(On the other hand, I did get this book, which I *needed*. What a fun journal cover it will make.)


In what I consider to be a step in the right direction, I’ve learned that seeing my living room, dining table and other horizontal surfaces littered with unfinished projects (or works in progress; WIPs, which seems to be a knitting term more than a beading term) makes me uneasy. It feels like countless fingers/knitting needles/beading needles pointing at me in accusation. I don’t care for that. So, I need to be better about packing up projects and pieces. I am a great example of out of sight, out of mind. (In sight, out of my mind!)

I still have many things to make and there will be some trial and error. Those photos will be more interesting than these ramblings.

But, until then … I tried out the Fiberista sock yarn club and this was the January ’17 yarn. How can that color be anything but a sign that I made the right choice? It’s truly a lovely, lovely orange. Plus, I love surprises showing up in the mail. I still feel a slight hopeful thrill every time I check the mail.


Here’s a future choice: Iridescent gelatos. They’re not available yet, but were announced at CHA this month. So, Morgan was right and now Tom Petty is right (as per usual): The waiting *is* the hardest part.