Happy, rainy day

What a glorious Saturday. The forecast called for 100% rain, and after last Saturday’s slow day at the market, I knew a day at home would do me good. It stopped raining around 11 a.m., but it is gray and blustery, so there’s no I-missed-the-market guilt.
Instead, I have every reason to feel good about today.
First, I got about 30 more minutes of sleep than I typically get on a Saturday.
After waking I spent two hour looking at yarn p*rn on ravelry. I am particularly interested in finding uses for these yarns.

The sad thing is that those skeins are but and tiniest fraction of the yarn I own. It’s really out of control. But, I am full of inspiration. Plus, I’m only about six rows away from finishing this wrap. The colors scream fall — as does today’s weather.

Then, I went grocery shopping; I want to try out two new recipes. Wish Morgan luck.
I tidied up, did dishes, did laundry and swept.
While none of that is exciting, I did gather the cabochons-in-waiting that I’ve been gluing to substates. The question is, which do I tackle first? I’m open to suggestions.
Anywho, it’s time to finish the wrap, or start a new bead embroidery project, or set out the yearn and needles for next knitting project. A Saturday at home is a Saturday full of possibilities!

All the stuff

About a month ago I filled out a survey that was sent out by Cloth Paper Scissors. (I’ve always kind of loved filling out surveys and am still kind of upset that neither I nor my family has ever received the long from census.) Occasionally I’d read questions aloud to Morgan. They were of the “which of these kinds of art/craft supplies do you buy or own?” Morgan asked if “all of them” was a choice.

I like my arts and crafts like I like my supplies: in bulk and as plentiful as possible.

Let's all go the lobby.
Let’s all go the lobby.

It got me thinking, once again, about all of the things I want to do and how I struggle to find time accomplish a fraction of what’s on my things-I-want-to-do list. (Please note: Tidying up is rarely one of those things. Supplies might get moved from one room or surface to another, but that barely counts as tidying.)

I still want to:
Paint (watercolor and acrylic)
Make journals
Do art journaling
Use this blog to review my ever-growing stash of craft books
Make more mini mosaics
Make mini collages to cover in resin
Put more flowers in resin
Organize my supplies
Use my cricut
Make more items with polymer clay
Read non-craft books
Practice my glockenspiel (I got new mallets for my birthday!)

Polymer clay with beaded necklace
Polymer clay with beaded necklace
Polymer clay pendants
Polymer clay pendants

That’s plenty, right?
Wait, there’s more. Add to that knitting. Now that the weather is turning a little cooler, I want to make wrap after wrap while mindless TV plays in the background.

Oh, and yeah, there’s bead embroidery. I dabbled. I retreated. I continued with basic beaded bezels. Now I want to do more free-form embroidery. It’s so much more fun and satisfying than I ever imagined it would be. I love how this project came together. Must. Make. More.

Beaded heart pt. 1
Beaded heart pt. 1
Beaded heart pt. 2
Beaded heart pt. 2
Beaded heart all finished!
Beaded heart all finished!

Oh, and in between the day job, the jewelry and time with the beau and family, I got my first wholesale order. Yay!!! It’s pretty exciting, and it’s giving my exacting standards a true workout.

Sure I’m busy. But I’m happy. And really, is that such a bad thing? I didn’t think so.