It’s keycap time

Letter-row key with a cherry switch.

It’s keycap time, and isn’t it great. (To be sure, that’s to be sung to the tune of Three Beat Slide’sSummtertime is Great“. (I hope you listen and learn to love them as much as I do.)

Anywho, back to keycap time. After taking a break from keycaps, I knew it was time to get back to it. Seeing as how the keycaps with tiny flowers or leaves have been the most popular, I decided to focus on those.
I’ve added six to my Etsy store, with another five or six that need to be photographed and added as well.
WASD top-row key with a cherry switch and a tiny Johnny Jump Up.
Top-row key with a cherry switch.
Looking at all of my tiny flowers has be longing for spring and summer to have blooms ready for the picking. I’m not eager for the heat of summer, but oh how I love seeing pretty and colorful flowers right outside of my front door.
The month is not quite half full, and I already feel like my goals for 2018 have fallen to the way side. Maybe they have. Maybe I’m too hard on myself. Who can know? When pressed, I will always opt for shouldering the blame of being a slacker/phony, etc. (Is it as tiring to read those words as it is to write them?)
That said, I am plugging away at loomwork projects. In fact, two sold already. (Yay!!)
After an hour spent looking at journal-making videos on youtube this past Sunday evening, I decided that I needed to try something new.
So, I tried a junk journal, pamphlet-stitch journal with more than just plain paper and an accordion spine journal with signatures. All of them have imperfections, but as I’ve said before, I’m OK with prototypes.
My first attempt at an accordion-fold spine.
It took me longer than it should have to realized how I can use board game for collage substrates. They’re good and stiff, which means no buckling or bending. 

The inside of the altered book with the pamphlet stitch. I decided to stitch right through the spine instead creating an “insert” that I would later attach.
The inside of my first real junk journal. For this one I stapled the signatures and glued them in. Overall, this one has its charms.
Regarding books, I’m having trouble just pick them out for review. Horrible!
Maybe I need to start with some easier decisions. I have some boardgames that need to make their way to my Goodwill pile. Speaking of boardgames, I found this Charlie’s Angels board under my desk. It will make for two great covers!
I also looked, with much envy, at the website for San Fancisco’s Center for the Book. Why doesn’t Seattle have such a thing? Their classes look great. I was lying in bed wondering how to make their core certificate classes a reality. Right now I don’t have any answers. I might as well try to develop a plan to travel back in time to study book preservation in library school. I do kick myself for that decision, but then again, all of my decisions led me to where I am. So, make of that what you will.
(Maybe the next time I have a $1,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I’ll head to SF to day a four-day intensive. Ok, that does sound a little easier than time travel. There just won’t be time to travel there for the next session in March.)
I am also making slow, but semi-steady, progress on going through books and magazines. Deciding on whether or not to keep a magazine is the easier decision. However, the first two issues of Bead and Button that I picked up were relevant to things I’d recently been looking into: a review of looms and a story about the various options of pattern-making software. Funny how the information finds you once you’re ready.
Speaking of things finding you, a quick trip to Goodwill this past Saturday resulted in a fun board game find, to great books and a jar of beads. It was spendy for a Goodwill purchase, but I could tell there were enough real pearls to make it worth my while. I spent a good part of yesterday sorting them all out. And, several strands of plastic beads will make their way back to Goodwill.


The chalice of beads.
A pre-sorting look at my bounty.
It was fascinating to see the broken pieces that people gave away rather than fixing.
Sorting complete! The beads on the mat are all glass or real pearls. I love the green pearls!
These are the plastic beads that I found worth saving. Might be fun to use them with one of my bead looms.

Redmond Saturday Market

It’s here! A new market season at Redmond Saturday Market is upon us/me.

It’s funny how quickly I can go from being unable to imagine those six-day “work” weeks to feeling that attending the market is just part of my world. It was a pretty good day yesterday, and I think I’m ready for this season.

I keep thinking that I want to focus on just a few things, but do them really well. What do I cut out? What do I focus on? There’s always soul searching, isn’t there?

Octopus journal ready for next Saturday’s jury.

Next week I jury for journals. I’m excited about that. I don’t know if they’ll be big sellers or not, but I love making them.

Front, back and end pages of a journal. I used two old book covers and added special end papers.

We popped into Goodwill the other day and I found three board games that will be perfect covers! The box for the Careers game is so lovely. I feel like I need to keep those images for use for something else. Then Morgan found an Uncle Wiggily game at Value Village, and now I get to work with that, too. It’s an embarrassment of board game riches.

Finding gold at Goodwill. Oh how I love that place.

The 20-year-old nephew is in town, and today will be another day of adventure. More family members will start showing up soon, I need to get to tidying and prepping.

My boyfriend was right — but I’ll never tell

Only two weeks left of get-organized month. I spent weekend time sorting and arranging. There are still bits and bobs that need a home, but I’m letting them be until I can make that happen. Morgan and I were at Goodwill this past weekend, and I saw a book called something like “Organization for creative people.” I showed it to Morgan, and he said that I didn’t need that book. He’s right. I don’t need any book on organization. I only need to live the Nike slogan: Just do it. Where can I sign on for a month of house arrest for getting everything organized? Am I the only one who thinks that that would be amazing?

(On the other hand, I did get this book, which I *needed*. What a fun journal cover it will make.)


In what I consider to be a step in the right direction, I’ve learned that seeing my living room, dining table and other horizontal surfaces littered with unfinished projects (or works in progress; WIPs, which seems to be a knitting term more than a beading term) makes me uneasy. It feels like countless fingers/knitting needles/beading needles pointing at me in accusation. I don’t care for that. So, I need to be better about packing up projects and pieces. I am a great example of out of sight, out of mind. (In sight, out of my mind!)

I still have many things to make and there will be some trial and error. Those photos will be more interesting than these ramblings.

But, until then … I tried out the Fiberista sock yarn club and this was the January ’17 yarn. How can that color be anything but a sign that I made the right choice? It’s truly a lovely, lovely orange. Plus, I love surprises showing up in the mail. I still feel a slight hopeful thrill every time I check the mail.


Here’s a future choice: Iridescent gelatos. They’re not available yet, but were announced at CHA this month. So, Morgan was right and now Tom Petty is right (as per usual): The waiting *is* the hardest part.


As Annie Lennox said, “These are the contents of my head.”

I might finally be able to get my head around the fact that I need to do market stuff. Maybe I can chalk it up to the fact that I took a jewelry class at Beadworld alittle more than a week ago. We cut up metal tins and turned pieces into earrings and pendants. Since then I’ve scoured a handful of thrift stores looking for tins with interesting prints. My local Goodwill is by far the best source. That place never fails to amaze me! And, I love having real reasons to pop in.
This lovely Klimt coffee tin many have to stay intact, even though these prints will make for lovely pieces.

Saturday I cut up almost all of the ones I had. Why I didn’t take a “before” photo, I do not know. However, here’s a sample of some of the cut up pieces. (Now to find a proper storage box before I hurt myself.

Here’s the pair of class-made earrings that started all of this.

Because Morgan was “Super Hero Homework Man” this weekend, I found myself with extra time for a few other projects, too.

I finished the “Meatopia” puzzle that he and I started.

I prepped my glittery signs so that they’re ready to be displayed at the market.

I finished another windowpane scarf.

I started another poncho. This new one has a very granny square/crochet vibe, and I’m OK with that.

Oh, and I finally started painting the five papier mache critters that have been parked on my kitchen counter for far too long.  

 These are another great example of when I need to take breathers from the process and do some photo documentation. It’s good to have goals.