Back to the Redmond Saturday Market!

A little mixed-media embroidery is good for the soul.

Like so many people, I made it through 2020 only to be left evaluating what I want out of 2021 and beyond. Over the past year I learned that I love working from home. And that the husband and I are thankful that we each have our own offices. I learned that I like a slower-paced/low-commitment lifestyle. I also learned that I really love my husband/spending time with him. We were able to go for walks, chat midday and hang out on the deck in the afternoon — time that otherwise would have been spent commuting. 
I also realized that I most certainly want to get back to the Redmond Saturday Market. Even though I enjoyed a summer of free weekends, to what end? I felt unmoored without my Saturday routine, without that community. 

Once I made that decision, I wasn’t sure that jewelry was the right thing to sell. What I make is small, and people do seem to want to handle it a bit before making a purchase. So, I started weaving. Then I started some fun embroidery projects. And soon enough I even did some needle felting for the first time in ages. 

That all means that I’ll have a few new items to sell in addition to jewelry, which I did make plenty of last year. At least it feels like plenty. Maybe people are so starved for my stuff that it will all be snapped up. Wouldn’t that be a good problem to have. 

Another good problem is that all of these new products have left me with more ideas than time. So now it’s time to rebalance. I know I’ll figure out a way to make it work. 
Better yet: I’ve had my second vaccine, and Art and Soul Portland is happening next month. I am very much looking forward to all of the classes I’m taking. I’m so excited I could burst! Yahoo!!!
Until then I’ll keep on stitching, weaving and more. In short, I’ll keep on keeping on. I wish the same for anyone reading this

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