Time and travel

The last two weeks have been spent away from home. The travel and company have been good, but I’m feeling that pre-market stress and worry. Nevermind the itch to keep making things, and I’ve yet to find the ideal beading project for travel.

That said, before the most recent trip I broke out some simple mosaic squares I stamped on last fall. I thought it might be fun to experiment with them as focal points for a bead embroidery project.

 Morgan commented on how he didn’t like the color of the tiles. I wanted to tell him to make his own. Then, I broke out my pens, markers and pencils and came up with these. See, I can take criticism, I just have to let it simmer.

The next step is to seal them with resin, and then I can start beading. Yay!!!

Making steps toward the market


How did I go from being swept up in a month-long beading challenge to taking a month away from blog posts?
Silly question. The answer involves a double-birthday weekend, a business trip, planning for the market and then some.
In that time I also discovered a bead artist who I just adore. My longing to do bead embroidery led me to books by Jamie Cloud Eakin. Her pieces were a huge inspiration for me, and led me to create most of what I’m showing off today.

Because I love this stamped image, of course I love this piece.

This fused glass piece was dichroic gone wrong. However, I’m OK with the overall results now that it’s been embellished.

This wonky fused glass piece is so much better now that it’s been incorporated to something more. I love the colors and the polka dots.

These two pieces make me smile. I put rose dried rose petals in resin. I’d save a few rose buds from the bouquet the vet’s office sent after Slinky died. I’d been wanting to do something with them, and this seemed right.
I have a few more resin-rose petal pieces in the works, but these are a good start.

I’ll have to do another post about putting fresh flowers in resin. And about the heat patina (not Wheatena, Morgan!) class I took last week. And there’s the Sizzix/bead embroidery project to reveal soon.

Plus, I feel like these are enough images for today. There’s not a one of these I don’t like. And, having several pieces of substance ready makes me feel like no matter what, I’ll be able to face the first day of the market head on.

Speaking of the market, I ran into Krista Jefferson of Wild and Whimsical today at the art museum. It’s good to be out and about and see someone you know!