Because … That’s why

Why is making posts so difficult? I wish I knew.

Things that have kept me busy this week:

* Seeing/hearing Brené Brien speak and walking away with a very full brain.

* finishing some papier mâché books and a rake to accompany a doll that will be gifted to a friend tomorrow.

* sleep. I slept 10 hours one night this week. My beau/unicorn encouraged me to give into slumber early midweek, and that’s what I did. It felt amazing.

* a daisy chain bracelet for a friend. Of course I didn’t photograph it, but she said it fits just fine and the colors are perfect.

* flat spiral stitch bracelets. I’ve started a third, have only photographed two. The Unicirn said its the prettiest centipede he’s ever seen. Mom has one to “test drive”. She’s still busy and active as a flight attendant, so she’s the best spokesmodel around.

* an embroidered birthday gift. I’ve owed a friend this “portrait” of her dog for ages. I enjoyed working on it, and would like to do more embroidery soon. In fact, I’d like to do some small-scale embroidery, cut out the fabric and then submerge it in resin in a bezel.

Ok, that’s enough for now. 

I’ve got a week off soon and am hoping to get a lot accomplished, which should inspire some photos and posts.

A little love for Loveworn

Today I want to give a shout out to  BJ of Loveworn. My mom saw BJ’s work nearly two years ago just outside of Muncie. While she does a lot of different things with t-shirts, I love the skirts! And, as a girl whose t-shirt drawers are always overflowing, I was happy to find a new life for my shirts.

I’ve been wearing these skirts all summer, they’re perfect for the ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having. And, when the weather turns, they’ll be super cute with tights. 

I’ve got another stack of shirts ready to be turned into a skirt. Soon, I think.

So, if you, too, have a pile of t-shirts you don’t wear, I can’t say enough nice things about Loveworn. 

For funsies, these are my t-skirts.