Proof of industriousness

I’m woefully overdue to write a post. I’ve been reading profiles of bloggers for both the U.S. and Canadian versions of The Connection ( (The U.S. Issue isn’t out yet.) most of the bloggers we profile say the key is to post at least weekly and to write about something you love. 

I do love making jewelry and playing with art supplies. However, do I love to write about it? 

I do like looking at pictures of craft p*rn. And, if pictures are worth 1,000 words, then I’ll post at least a couple thousand “words.” (Making up for my recent lack of posts, right?!)

 I made this sugar skull  with resin, then painted it. Then beaded around it. A gold one is in the works.

I prepared this bezel sometime last year. I poured in Pebeo paint, added the Cthulu-like charm and poured in resin as the last step. I the made a chain with the tri stitch. 


While working on this, I remembered how much I love wire wrapping. Lid never disassembled a chain before and then reassembled it with wire wrapping. Fun, fun! The heart is filled with Pebeo paint, glitter and resin.

Lately I’ve needed to play and make something beyond Scrabble tile pendants. My hands and brain are happy. 

Ok, back to playing.

So soon with the delay?

I like how, before typing, I get this prompt: Share your story here.

My story? The one about the girl who means to blog–or at least post something–regularly, but manages not to? I think she’s the same girl who would rather write posts using her phone, which results in so many typos.

Oh, she has plans and ideas, but they languish. It’s a funny thing  that words would ever fail her considering how she’ll talk a person’s ear off given half a chance.

I suppose that’s enough badmouthing. I mean, a) it’s weird to write about myself like that, and b) I did recently complete these items. 


Now to board a plan and head home with a noggin full of thoughts about doing the things I truly love.