I’m trying


After the high of last week’s women’s march, which I really and truly resisted until sadness overwhelmed me on inauguration day, I was startled by how low I felt on Wednesday. I’m a little bit better today, but I know it will be work to make it through the next two to four years. Everyday will be its own challenge.

More than anything, the sheer number of people who participated overwhelms me.

I have many things to do, but my attention is scattered. Right now projects are about the process, not the result. And nothing really feels satisfying.

That said, I’m gathering ideas and materials for when I’m ready to jump back in. For example, Morgan and I will be looking at yarn this weekend to find (hopefully!) some fun stripy yarn for socks for him.

I need to do some beading around this cabochon for Morgan’s stepmom, who hearts all things knitting.


And, I managed to find the energy to make this tiny journal. It was fun to put some of my bigger dried plant life to use. For the record, it was a pattern I saw in Erica Ekrem‘s book Bound. I imagine it will find its way to Mooly in Oregon.

Dried plant material between two pieces of wax paper.

Hmm … What about a journal with an encaustic cover? Doable? Maybe I’ll have to find out.

Now it’s time to avoid the news and listen to some Barry Manilow. How is that not a great idea?!

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