I’m trying


After the high of last week’s women’s march, which I really and truly resisted until sadness overwhelmed me on inauguration day, I was startled by how low I felt on Wednesday. I’m a little bit better today, but I know it will be work to make it through the next two to four years. Everyday will be its own challenge.

More than anything, the sheer number of people who participated overwhelms me.

I have many things to do, but my attention is scattered. Right now projects are about the process, not the result. And nothing really feels satisfying.

That said, I’m gathering ideas and materials for when I’m ready to jump back in. For example, Morgan and I will be looking at yarn this weekend to find (hopefully!) some fun stripy yarn for socks for him.

I need to do some beading around this cabochon for Morgan’s stepmom, who hearts all things knitting.


And, I managed to find the energy to make this tiny journal. It was fun to put some of my bigger dried plant life to use. For the record, it was a pattern I saw in Erica Ekrem‘s book Bound. I imagine it will find its way to Mooly in Oregon.

Dried plant material between two pieces of wax paper.

Hmm … What about a journal with an encaustic cover? Doable? Maybe I’ll have to find out.

Now it’s time to avoid the news and listen to some Barry Manilow. How is that not a great idea?!

My boyfriend was right — but I’ll never tell

Only two weeks left of get-organized month. I spent weekend time sorting and arranging. There are still bits and bobs that need a home, but I’m letting them be until I can make that happen. Morgan and I were at Goodwill this past weekend, and I saw a book called something like “Organization for creative people.” I showed it to Morgan, and he said that I didn’t need that book. He’s right. I don’t need any book on organization. I only need to live the Nike slogan: Just do it. Where can I sign on for a month of house arrest for getting everything organized? Am I the only one who thinks that that would be amazing?

(On the other hand, I did get this book, which I *needed*. What a fun journal cover it will make.)


In what I consider to be a step in the right direction, I’ve learned that seeing my living room, dining table and other horizontal surfaces littered with unfinished projects (or works in progress; WIPs, which seems to be a knitting term more than a beading term) makes me uneasy. It feels like countless fingers/knitting needles/beading needles pointing at me in accusation. I don’t care for that. So, I need to be better about packing up projects and pieces. I am a great example of out of sight, out of mind. (In sight, out of my mind!)

I still have many things to make and there will be some trial and error. Those photos will be more interesting than these ramblings.

But, until then … I tried out the Fiberista sock yarn club and this was the January ’17 yarn. How can that color be anything but a sign that I made the right choice? It’s truly a lovely, lovely orange. Plus, I love surprises showing up in the mail. I still feel a slight hopeful thrill every time I check the mail.


Here’s a future choice: Iridescent gelatos. They’re not available yet, but were announced at CHA this month. So, Morgan was right and now Tom Petty is right (as per usual): The waiting *is* the hardest part.


We interrupt this blog-cast …

Get Organized Month is approaching its halfway mark, and I have very little show for it. However, I’ve been giving “aspirational clutter” a lot of thought. More on that later.

In the meantime, when a friend forwarded me an article about making pussyhats for the women’s march in D.C. on the 21st, I knew I had to get in on that action. So far I’m one hat down with at least two more to go.

This hat made its way to a marcher from Portland.
This hat made its way to a marcher from Portland.
Pussycat hat for a friend and colleague who is heading to the Women’s March on January 21.

Once those are finished, I’ll get back to my usual programming.

Oh, and I also found time to finish two shawls. There is something so satisfying about the speed of crochet. I’m just glad that mom will provide a good home for the partially neon Trekking yarn.

Mom with her new, bright shawl. She makes everything look good.


Now it’s time to tend to both my aspirational and inspirational clutter.

Hello 2017

Beaded bezel (which is a bead). Another great color combination.
Beaded bezel (which is a bead). Another great color combination.

It’s day two of the new year, and I’m on day five or six of an annoying cold. I’m currently in the afternoon lull when I feel like I’ve finally kicked it. Sadly, the mornings and evenings tell me otherwise.

The last two months passed in a blur. The election, holiday shows, holiday gift making, the holidays! I don’t have photos of any of the gifts or the custom orders I made. Some day I’ll learn. (I did have my upper left canine baby tooth pulled to get ready for an implant. I put that tooth in a small bezel with glitter and resin. I will spare everyone that photo.)
Oh, and I’m happy to report that Morgan loves his newest pair of socks. I really need to work on the third!

I was so hoping to use some of this three-day weekend to organize my craft room, the floor of which is a minefield of beads and more. But, because of this stupid cold, I’ve mostly been scouring Ravelry for the right patterns for the right yarn.

This yarn, for example.

This photo does not adequately show just how bright the yellow is. Pity… I don’t even like yellow. What was I thinking?

I bought it several years ago. This is the second thing I’ve started with it. I half love, half despise it. It would for sure make a great scarf for someone who likes to take walks or bike rides in the dark. Part of me thinks I need to give it away. Much like there’s only so much time I like to give a book, I also think that a ball of yarn shouldn’t cause this much stress.

Oh, this is the beginning of a pattern that I used for mom’s Christmas scarf.

Aria pattern found on Ravelry.
Aria pattern found on Ravelry.

It turned out really nice, and I’m eager to finish this scarf. Plus, Morgan’s stepmom gave the yarn to me, so I’m eager to show her how I’ve put it to use.

And this yarn … such lovely colors.

Premiere Sweet Roll in wasabi.
Premiere Sweet Roll in wasabi.

It is acrylic, which makes it ideal for some projects and not others. I started a wrap, which I’m not crazy about. So, I have another pattern in mind. If that’s a bust, I’ll make a granny square triangle shawl and call it good.

And, beyond that, Morgan and I will be attempting some custom keys for mechanical keyboards. There are some fun ones out there, and it seems like a good personal challenge.

Beyond that, there’s blog more, paint (more, some, any), try new polymer clay techniques, make one piece of jewelry every week so that I’ll be in good shape in time for the market to start, beef up my Etsy store and use up my bead and yarn stash! Sounds doable, right?!
sigh …