Wood burning

I don’t know why, but this spring I’ve decided that I need to up my wood-burning skills–what few skills I have.

I have a simple tool, nothing like the expensive ones that serious pyrographers use.

I’ve been drawing some simple, cartoony cats and decided to try burning them into wood. I made two bracelets and colored one with prismacolors and the other with water color pencils. I have to say, while the cats are no natural color, I much prefer the water color pencils.

And then there’s this guy. A colleague was trimming a tree and gave me several round pieces like this. I’m not sure if it’s his fur or what, but I want him to be real so that I can hug him.

There’s still so much to learn and try. I’ll get there, maybe… In the meantime I’ll continue to have fun while I try to brush up on those elusive skills.

Craft fair day

After a kind of lazy winter, I have to admit that it was good to participate in the spring craft fair at work. It’s not only fun to see items I hadn’t seen in a few months, but it was encouraging to hear the kind remarks about my new items.

It was fun to chat with people, and it was fun to sit quietly and work on projects.

Two weeks from tomorrow the Redmond Saturday Market will start its new season. Bring on the Veraci Pizza, kettle corn, honey, gentle days of lounging in the sun, the community and the freedom to create!