The Unpost

How did it get to be nearly the end of July? Summer feels like more of a theory this year than an actual season. I suppose that’s ok, as I’ll take this cool weather over last year’s sweltering temperatures.

Last week I participated in Lake Forest Park annual summer craft vendors’ day. It was a great day in the sun, meeting new people. And, there I’m able to sell journals, so I spent some time making a few journals. (How much do I love my bind-it-all?!) And, how much do love the journal I made from a copy of the Christian  version of the Ungame?! I glued in some question cards, and think that overall it’s pretty great.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m already feeling good (that is, ready) for Saturday’s market. There’s just a little gluing and some connecting of shrink plastic pieces, and I can call it good. It’s amazing how many jewelry elements I have squirreled away that are nearly ready to go, but haven’t been completed. I will be making use of those.

I have next week off from the day job. I think I’ll putter around, do some enameling and put some beads to good use. All I know is that I need a week at home.

Also, twice last weekend I was asked about teaching. It’s exciting, but terrifies me. That seems kind of silly because I’ve been thinking that I should have gone into education. Could that be “two great ‘tastes’ that taste great together?” I don’t know. What I do know is that, as usual, my head is full of ideas, thoughts, worries, speculation and so much more. How to make sense of it all?

Road blocks

Long before I ever had a blog I told people that it was the photography that was holding me back. I didn’t want to photograph each and every pendant or piece I make. Even with a light box or taking advantage of natural lighting, I’m rarely happy with my photos. The staged photos seems to be riddled with too many shadows or less-than-accurate colors. And the off-the-cuff images are plagued by distracting backgrounds or close ups of my hands, which look like they belong to someone about twice my age.
But, I’ve kept plugging away at it, knowing that it’s better to post something than nothing at all. And then, I learned that when I post photos to my blog by using my phone and the photos all looked upright like they should, that if I looked at those same images on my computer, the photos were all sideways. That will explain some previous posts.
Apple does something weird with photos, something that Morgan could explain. So, I tried taking some landscape photos. And guess what. I’m left handed, so my photos ended up upside down. Come on, Apple!! What’s the deal. I have been one of those people who has felt smug about my love of all things Apple since the early 90s. Could the love affair be coming to an end? Oh, I hope not.

Dried flowers + dried leaves + my Sizzix = these fun shapes just waiting to be put into bezels.

So, I’ve shrugged off making any posts as a way to not start down the frustrations of flip-flopped photos. (Update: Even though my photos are upright here, they still look sideways when I look at my blog on my phone. I really don’t know what to do anymore.)

I’ve had these glass circles for years. But, a reminder that peyote stitch would be a great way to connect them finally helped me put them to use.

Not to mention being caught up in some summertime blahs that have left me less industrious than I care to admit. It’s been a weird summer. Between rain and work travel, I have yet to get into a good market groove. The market is entering its third month tomorrow, and I have yet to see some regular customers. Am I that dependent on routines? Maybe. Probably.

These dried flowers on this blue background make me smile.
Foil is popular for card making and scrapbooking, so why not jewelry? I love the leopard print!

What I do know is that I want to harness the energy I do have to enamel some beads, which will be a first for me. I also want to put to use my massive quantities of seed beads. And there’s clay. There’s always clay. Someday I’ll be seriously proficient in something. Someday I’ll feel like less of a jack of all trades, master of none. Maybe. Until then I’ll keep being me and doing what I do, how I do it. There’s still so much to try and learn, including how to take photos with my phone that will show up with the right orientation when viewed on a desktop computer.