Beading, die cutting and keycaps

Happy Halloween! I hope we get some trick-or-treaters tomorrow. (That anchor between the signs really cracks me up! So spooky!)

I’m on day three of a four-day vacation. It doesn’t hurt that a weekend gave me an extra two days. In that time I’ve said farewell to the 2018 Redmond Saturday Market season, made jewelry, broken out my die cutter and dabbled in keycaps.

The great thing is that most of the projects have made me stretch myself.

First I was sorting through my bead stash looking for beads to re-home, and I found these bright, candy-like beads. I tried pearl knotting and a few iterations of stringing before I remembered some shiny pastel spacers I had on hand. Once I worked those between the beads with some clear glass spacers, I ended up with something that I don’t hate. It’s very Miami/summer. I’m such a Seattle/autumn.

These tiny elephants weren’t really challenging, but I think they are adorable. Elephants, plus the word “love.” Swoon.

Next, the beau commissioned a keycap. Although it’s not complete, how to get the image on the keycap really caused me no small amount of concern. Once again, I remembered a product that I had on hand (and that seems to be no longer available) saved the day. Preliminary results show that the technique is indeed promising.

As for die cutting, I hadn’t done much in ages. It always feels like an event to cut out a bunch of small pieces of paper — even though the machine does most of the work. I’m excited to try something with vinyl. Unfortunately, I only have white vinyl on hand. Unless I’m going to print out an image of go-go boots, I’m having a hard time imaging using it. That feels like another personal challenge.

Of course I had to make a Bigfoot card. I hope the “bare” spots give him dimension, not the look of mange.
I’ve wanted to make card after card lately. I’m not sure why the embossing powder fell away at the bottom of the word hello, but I like that distressed look.

While marbling doesn’t stretch my skills, per se, it’s still fun to see what kind of results I get. Who knew I’d fall in love with the medium.

Again with the Bigfoot?!
Of course a cephalopod had to be marbled. The swirls create a good sense of movement.
While looking for something yesterday, I found these papier mache pieces that I’d created in molds. Why did I move them? Anywho, some of them kind of begged to be marbled.
Here are some of the papier mache pieces. The gray of the original background really dulls the colors.

It’s a bummer to think that tomorrow is the last day of vacation. I could use another month of this. I mean, holiday shows are coming up, and there are Christmas gifts to make. No rest for weary/wicked.


A day late and a dollar short

I dropped the ball on my Sunday post, but I refuse to beat myself up about it. There was pre-guest cleaning to do. And baking! I received a Bigfoot cookie cutter for my birthday, and I needed to put it to use. So, after cleaning up the kitchen, I decided to make sugar cookies, which meant that I then has much flour to clean up. I think I’ve seen octopus cookie cutters, but I need a proper squid. However, I can imagine that getting all of the tentacles out without breakage would be a challenge.

 Saturday was my last day at the market this year, and now I’m left wondering where the past six months went. The market is a time investment. It’s a great community. It’s an anchor for the year. As much as I’m really looking forward to sleeping in two days in a row for the next six months, I will miss my market neighbors, regular customers and all of the friendly market faces. It never ceases to amaze me how something that takes up so much time is something that I can miss so very much.
It’s kind of a bummer that I had a great idea for displaying necklaces on my *last* day at the market. Oh well, it only means that next year I’ll be able to debut all kinds of neat ways of displaying items.

I’m still working through tasks and plans inspired by Schoolhouse Craft.

Without the regular deadline of the market for making new jewelry, this is also the time of year when I long to just knit and and crochet. I did get rave reviews for one of my ponchos. I’ve started a third — a very practical black and gray. However, the needle size that was recommended is just too small. So, I’ve started over with larger needles. The knitting is moving along at a better clip and I no longer feel that the project will never be finished.

Last night’s lack of sleep is catching up with me. It’s been a day of moving slowly and sluggishly and doing things like calling hiking boots hiking books. Both have their place, but if it’s boots you need, it’s boots you should have.

Apropos of nothing, I got an email from REI today saying they’ll be closed the day after Thanksgiving. I love that. Please, please, please let this be a trend.