Derailed by details and some other stuff

Thursday is book day, and I’ve got nothing to report.
At least not craft wise. On second thought, I took my “Instant Artist” set off of the shelf and think that the pre-printed canvases will make for great journals covers.

I think they need to be left blank to let someone else do the painting. (This is 100% the kind of freeing activity I hoped for when I decided to go through all of my books.)

I also returned several books to the library, and their unopened, unperused status is no longer tormenting/mocking me.

I finished a book for an interview for work. As much as I have craft crushes on any number of people, products and techniques, I have a genuine respect for Ruth Wariner, whose The Sound of Gravel will be published this January. Because the book’s release is still months away, what I can say is that she is really, truly lovely. I don’t envy her her childhood, and I admire her spirit, her soul. Oh, I can also say, visit her site and pick up the book when it’s published.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook of Challenger Deep, by Neal Shusterman. Once again I’m left feeling a bit bummed out that so many wonderful YA authors started publishing after my YA years. And so, well into my adult years, I’m still reading/listening to these great and moving works. Truth told: I think I’d prefer this as a physical book. However, the parrot’s voice sounds so much like Jim Rash that I keep thinking about the TV show Community, and that makes me happy.

I’m giving myself homework. I need to break open Market Yourself by Tara Swiger.

And, I need to figure out how to best use these display cards.

 I want to stamp on all of them. Should the stamps show? Should they be a surprise beneath the surface? How often will I be able to break away from the “Sparkle like you mean it” stamp? There’s always another decision to make, isn’t there? I guess that means I’m alive, and really, in this case, how can there be a wrong decision?

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