Post-market free fall continues

It’s not been a week, yet, since I had my last day at the market. I’m not sure how best to explain it, but there’s an untethering that has left me feeling sedentary and directionless each night this week. I look at craft p*rn online and feel stirrings of inspiration, but mostly I’ve only made a mess since Sunday.
I haven’t even leafed through any books. I cannot even find the inspiration to decide which book to peruse.
I can’t help but wonder if it’s the shorter days that have me wanted to binge watch Key and Peele and crochet (if that). Could be. Maybe it’s the relaxation that comes after six months of six-day work weeks. I don’t know. Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to it. I’ve signed up for a mosaic class and and metal-working class. (One in November and one in December, respectively.) Learning something new is always good for getting the creative juices flowing. Hey, isn’t that part of what my book project was all about?!
Sigh …
I have, however, done a few things.
• Disassembled another painting set from my craft books shelf. Slowly I’m freeing up space.
• Poured resin. Never mind that I forgot two pieces and made something too pink and not red enough.
• Done more organizing of my beads. I do love these storage trays. Of course anything is better than the throw-it-in-a-box approach I’ve been using.
• Taken steps to make my book-keeping more efficient. (There’s the book tie-in for the week!)
• Updated the “find me” section of my site. I’ve for four holiday shows coming it. I do hope familiar faces will come by and say hi!
Or, say hi here. Comments are always welcome!

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