Work and taxes

I don’t have much to show for this week. Taxes and work stuff ate up a lot of my evening time. That’s OK. I finished one sock for Mirgan. I worked on a birthday gift. And, and fixed some jewelry for me. (Luckily, it wasn’t something that I’d made that needed to be repaired!) And, best of all, I’m taking Monday off as a craft day. I need it!!

Another non-productive thing I did this week was read a chunk of a journal from ’94 into ’95 that made me appreciate time and maturity. Being in my 20s was fun, but also foolish and self-indulgent. I’m left to wonder if I just had a lot more energy, or if the unknown of what lay beyond library school was enough to keep going and feeling unfettered and full of life and possibilities.

The offending Crayola stamp markers. Can you imagine anything worse than a puppy paw peace sign on your leg?

One of the highlights was the last page, decorated with Crayola stamp pens. I remember the night Jeff forbade me to stamp on his legs—I’d already stamped on mine. When he fell asleep, I made a puppy paw peace sign on his leg, with Asha as my accomplice. He was livid when he woke up. Come on, man! They were washable. There was no need for that kind of outburst. Maybe I was bratty, but I think that was the clearest sign that he and I were not meant to be together.

Now, some (cough) years later, I still love stamps, colors, markers, paper, journals (and puppy paws and peace signs and …). That love is evidenced by these journal- covers-to-be that I started weeks ago. They’ve languished on my kitchen counter until today. I know, I shouldn’t have covered the whole thing with napkin, but I did. And, it’s what I’ve got to work with.

Tissue paper over board. I love the elephant.

So, I took a stencil and added some color. My next step will be to go around the edges with some dark color—maybe one of the Tim Holtz oxide dyes that I’m eager to try. Then some shiny metallic paint, some gelatos used as water color, a hight of glitter and … they should be great. At least that’s how the finished product looks in my mind.

Step 2 is complete. I recognize that another many steps are to come.

Another recent experiment with paper happened around the time of the inauguration. I took some pages out of a pro-“Agent Orange” book and started by covering them with gesso. I realize now that I should have added a second coat *and* taped the pages down better. Anywho … This is what I came up with. I do kind of love the metallic foil dots! Neither is perfect, but (imho) it’s better to make something, anything, rather than nothing at all.

That needs to be covered up. STAT!
Thank you, gesso.
Seems like a relevant sentiment considering current events.
Do I think this is amazing? No? Am I glad I made it? Yes!


All the stuff

About a month ago I filled out a survey that was sent out by Cloth Paper Scissors. (I’ve always kind of loved filling out surveys and am still kind of upset that neither I nor my family has ever received the long from census.) Occasionally I’d read questions aloud to Morgan. They were of the “which of these kinds of art/craft supplies do you buy or own?” Morgan asked if “all of them” was a choice.

I like my arts and crafts like I like my supplies: in bulk and as plentiful as possible.

Let's all go the lobby.
Let’s all go the lobby.

It got me thinking, once again, about all of the things I want to do and how I struggle to find time accomplish a fraction of what’s on my things-I-want-to-do list. (Please note: Tidying up is rarely one of those things. Supplies might get moved from one room or surface to another, but that barely counts as tidying.)

I still want to:
Paint (watercolor and acrylic)
Make journals
Do art journaling
Use this blog to review my ever-growing stash of craft books
Make more mini mosaics
Make mini collages to cover in resin
Put more flowers in resin
Organize my supplies
Use my cricut
Make more items with polymer clay
Read non-craft books
Practice my glockenspiel (I got new mallets for my birthday!)

Polymer clay with beaded necklace
Polymer clay with beaded necklace
Polymer clay pendants
Polymer clay pendants

That’s plenty, right?
Wait, there’s more. Add to that knitting. Now that the weather is turning a little cooler, I want to make wrap after wrap while mindless TV plays in the background.

Oh, and yeah, there’s bead embroidery. I dabbled. I retreated. I continued with basic beaded bezels. Now I want to do more free-form embroidery. It’s so much more fun and satisfying than I ever imagined it would be. I love how this project came together. Must. Make. More.

Beaded heart pt. 1
Beaded heart pt. 1
Beaded heart pt. 2
Beaded heart pt. 2
Beaded heart all finished!
Beaded heart all finished!

Oh, and in between the day job, the jewelry and time with the beau and family, I got my first wholesale order. Yay!!! It’s pretty exciting, and it’s giving my exacting standards a true workout.

Sure I’m busy. But I’m happy. And really, is that such a bad thing? I didn’t think so.