Happy, rainy day

What a glorious Saturday. The forecast called for 100% rain, and after last Saturday’s slow day at the market, I knew a day at home would do me good. It stopped raining around 11 a.m., but it is gray and blustery, so there’s no I-missed-the-market guilt.
Instead, I have every reason to feel good about today.
First, I got about 30 more minutes of sleep than I typically get on a Saturday.
After waking I spent two hour looking at yarn p*rn on ravelry. I am particularly interested in finding uses for these yarns.

The sad thing is that those skeins are but and tiniest fraction of the yarn I own. It’s really out of control. But, I am full of inspiration. Plus, I’m only about six rows away from finishing this wrap. The colors scream fall — as does today’s weather.

Then, I went grocery shopping; I want to try out two new recipes. Wish Morgan luck.
I tidied up, did dishes, did laundry and swept.
While none of that is exciting, I did gather the cabochons-in-waiting that I’ve been gluing to substates. The question is, which do I tackle first? I’m open to suggestions.
Anywho, it’s time to finish the wrap, or start a new bead embroidery project, or set out the yearn and needles for next knitting project. A Saturday at home is a Saturday full of possibilities!

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