Found some inspiration in Santa Fe

Morgan and I just got back from a trip to Santa Fe.

Highlights include:

Kakawa Chocolates. Their elixirs and peanut butter bars are phenomenal! I won’t lie: We had their chocolate every day.

Raspberry mint truffle at Kakawa.
Elixirs and some truffles from Kakawa.

We also fell in love with the restaurant Cafe Pasqual’s. (A big thanks to Robin for the recommendation.) We ate there twice and regret that we didn’t have more opportunities to do so.

Skeletons were spray painted on some of the walking men in Santa Fe. They made me smile.
This statue also made me smile. I would like to go back and really take in more art.

Morgan took me to the Museum of International Folk Art, which also had some fantastic pieces. I really loved the special exhibit on tramp art.

This is one of a few metal sculptures at the Folk Art museum that really caught my attention.

I found particular inspiration in some cabochons I purchased at the Nambé flea market. I’m eager to make some beaded bezels out these.

Some cabochons ready to be included into some bead embroidery. It will feel so grown up using real gems.
The turquoise on the bottom left may or may not find a home outside of my possession.

The Labradorite is particularly lovely. And, I’m excited about the turquoise from the Royston mine. Gems aren’t really my thing, but I’m willing to learn. I never thought I was crazy about turquoise, but the greens are pretty fantastic.

And, a quick visit to the Museum of Encaustic Art made me eager to break out my griddle and encaustic paints.  I think that will be a good activity for when my holiday shows are over. Speaking of which, I have a home party on November 3 and back-to-back shows on November 18th and 19th. I need to make some pieces to get ready for those.

Since the last post I finished these items, among others.

Another Fordite pendant.
Bead embroidery with a piece of glass that I fused.
One of two more shawls that I’ve worked up. I might have a problem.
I saw some metal pendants that had been beaded around. I knew I needed to give it a try. Step one: glue the metal piece to some bead backing.
Step two: color in the bead backing so the white won’t show through.
Step three: Start adding beads! (Sorry about the really bad lighting!)
Ta da! This is as close as I’ve come to a process series. Yay!!

Happy, rainy day

What a glorious Saturday. The forecast called for 100% rain, and after last Saturday’s slow day at the market, I knew a day at home would do me good. It stopped raining around 11 a.m., but it is gray and blustery, so there’s no I-missed-the-market guilt.
Instead, I have every reason to feel good about today.
First, I got about 30 more minutes of sleep than I typically get on a Saturday.
After waking I spent two hour looking at yarn p*rn on ravelry. I am particularly interested in finding uses for these yarns.

The sad thing is that those skeins are but and tiniest fraction of the yarn I own. It’s really out of control. But, I am full of inspiration. Plus, I’m only about six rows away from finishing this wrap. The colors scream fall — as does today’s weather.

Then, I went grocery shopping; I want to try out two new recipes. Wish Morgan luck.
I tidied up, did dishes, did laundry and swept.
While none of that is exciting, I did gather the cabochons-in-waiting that I’ve been gluing to substates. The question is, which do I tackle first? I’m open to suggestions.
Anywho, it’s time to finish the wrap, or start a new bead embroidery project, or set out the yearn and needles for next knitting project. A Saturday at home is a Saturday full of possibilities!