Pandemic musings

Funny, I remember when the shelter-in-place order took effect. I thought that my often-longed-for dream of a non-permanent-record-marring house arrest might have come true. The reality is that I’ve been really busy with work and distracted enough that my creativity is a little sluggish.

It’s only right to kick things off with a little love.

One craft I’ve gotten back to is cross stitch. I think that following a pattern offers up some comfort right now. I stitched this Godzilla, the word “vote” and I’ve picked up a rooster pattern for the first time in a long time.

Godzilla in need of a little ironing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have made some original pieces. I’ve stocked up on pressed-flower jewelry and more, hoping to be well prepared for next year’s market season. Although, I seem to be good at making pendants, but am struggling with doing what needs to be done to complete a project. Over the past few months I’ve dabbled with my gelli plate, polymer clay, micro mosaics and more.

I also nearly lost my mind when I saw that I could get a mold for keycaps. So after a good month of waiting, it showed up. Judge the results for yourself.

Even if I smoosh in the bottom piece to make the keycap Cherry MX switch compatible, I can’t get it to sit down far enough so that the keycap will fit on a switch. I’m left with resin that oozes out and a keycap that doesn’t work on the switch. I’ll give it a few more tries, but until then, marbling and other tiny embellishments for pre-made keycaps are my friends. Hey, what about a very tiny mosaic on top of a keycap? It’s worth a try.

The long weekend is a mere two days away, and I’m dreaming of locking myself into my studio and making all kinds of good things.

Hopefully what I make will inspire another post. Fingers crossed!

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