Too much stuff for Steph

First, let me say that I realized today that I’m the only person in my family who has a need to have a plan. I believe in some wiggle room within a plan, but I would like some kind of structure within which I can find comfort.
I asked my mother today if anyone else in the family was such a planner, and neither of us could think of anyone. Maybe it’s best that way. To be honest, neither I, nor my people, could stand it if there were another person like me demanding dates, times, commitments. Even I make myself crazy with the questions I ask, but it’s who I am.

Oh, me and my quirks.

Speaking of which, I realized that I seriously have way too much stuff squirreled away in boxes, bags and bins on my shelves. The bad news is that I so easily lose track of what I have that I end up having multiples of items. Just this week I realized that I have two copies of a polymer clay book on my shelves. While it’s a lovely book, it doesn’t necessitate a need for two copies.


Ocean-themed shrink plastic.
Anywho, I took last Friday off from work to do some organizing while I put the kiln to use.

I made some glass pieces. Some were successes, some not so much.


I love the tiny glass owls.
Fused-glass cabachons.
 And, I organized. Oh it felt good. While tidying up, I found a stash of pieces that need anything from a simple bail to a slick—or three—of paint to a special necklace/chain made just for that item.


Polymer clay pieces in need of paint
Mostly ready for chains or necklaces.
Resin shapes in need of some Swellegant paint.
 It left me feeling kind of ahead of things as far as the market goes. Hurray for small victories! Now to start finishing those pieces.

Finishing projects and keeping things organized is an ongoing battle. All I can do is soldier on.

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