Short days, short posts

Back from a weekend in Port Townsend. Morgan and I wanted to check out the Wheel In drive-in for their last weekend of the season. We had a great time. Unfortunately, the “sleeping bag of sleep,” knocked me out. I made it through most of the the 1940s The Wolfman. I was in and out for all of The Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. And, we left before Halloween started. I don’t think I could have handled that one.

I love how eager Morgan is to support the drive-in. Now one of our “if we won the lottery” daydreams is to say we’d buy it and run it.
I really dig Port Townsend and think I could live there and make art and whatnot. Funny how one’s needs and priorities change as one gets older and finds the right person for settling down. (whatever settling down means)

I brought enough craft activities to have been locked in for a week. What did I do? I read. I did a little knitting, but way more looking at knitting patterns. I think I need to put my third poncho to the side and make use of the yummy cashmere blend yarn I bought in San Francisco last year.

On the bright side, I did finish my first journal made from The Crazy Cat Lady board game.

 My goal is to make at least one, if not two, more journals before the Winter market at Crossroads this weekend.
But, tonight is for hanging out with Morgan. His classes keep him plenty busy, so weekends have been given extra focus! It’s unicorn time!

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