Redmond Saturday Market Starts tomorrow

I’m not sure where the last six months went. I made some tiles. I crocheted five afghans. I learned some new things. I even read a few books. And now it’s time for the market to kick back in.
All week I was filled with worry about managing to balance the market with my full-time gig and life in general, but I did it last year. Of course I can do it this year.
It’s akin to starting a new school year. Will I be able to memorize my locker combination? Pass my tests? Graduate? I have faith it will all be good. I just need to put up my canopy and set up my stuff. Slip into that routine.
It’s supposed to be dry — if not too very warm.
And I’m eager to see familiar market faces. And loyal customers.
My stuff is packed up. I think I’ll just lounge the rest of the evening. I have the next six months to toil long into the evenings.
Look for lots of photos soon.  And maybe some information on my experiment with lenticular paper.

“A flaming torch she lit up the market place so brightly …” — Hugh Masakela


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