Moving trucks and wedding bells

Hello strangers. It’s been a long time, right? Oh well … onward and upward.

It’s the 6th day of October, and I’ve had to abandon all hopes of participating in Inktober. Maybe some day. Just not any of the 31 days of this month. If I can’t blog regularly, I have no business giving myself a new daily task. That said, I’m still harboring the hope that I can take on NaNoWriMo. Some ideas have been rattling around in my brain, and I think the exercise of daily creative writing would be good for me.

But, back to the now. Since I last had anything to say, the unicorn and I bought a house. We have a grand deck, big yard and a studio space in the back yard. At around 800-sq-ft, it’s truly an amazing studio space. I’m not sure how I ever packed all of my sh … stuff into either the condo or the rental house.

Studio friends.

Now that we have a yard, it’s fun to have yard decorations. We have three pieces of beautiful glass art and 25 flamingoes in various colors and life stages.

We’ve also met — and like — our neighbors. This cutie is one of my favorites. I might even be able to forgive the tomato thieving and digging up of my plants. Yesterday she ran up to me as if to say “hi.” It took a lot of self control to not reach out to pet her. Man, do I miss having a pet.

I’ve had some vacation days since the move that have been spent in the studio, and they’ve been heavenly. Really I cannot say enough how thankful I am.

To round out our history of doing things kind of backwards and at our own pace, we got married. It’s something I never thought the unicorn would ever want to do. People have asked what it’s like to be married, and the truth is that it all feels the same. The only difference is that I say “husband” now.

The market season is nearly done. Only three more Saturdays — and chances are I’ll only be there for two of them. It’s amazing how quickly these past six months have passed. Oh, I’ll be vendor of the week next week. All is really means is that I’ll get a sign in front of my booth. And maybe the unicorn will come and spend some time with me.

I’s the season for Halloween jewelry.

Enough of the personal stuff. Let’s get to the goodies! I’ve been making things when I can. Especially because (and thanks to a kiln-enameling class) I got an enameling kiln. I want to enamel all the live-long day. It’s so much fun!

Seattle-inspired enameled pieces.

I’ve also been making journals, stringing beads and making many bracelets with my Endless Loom. That is an addiction to be sure.

After some stumbling blocks with keycaps, I had to dust myself off, do some R&D and get back to it. I think I’m ready to ready to put more in my Etsy shop and try some new things.

And now it’s time to finish the last of my Sunday chores so that I can get to playing/making for the rest of the day!

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