A world of possibilities

Oh the holiday season. My inbox keeps announcing early black Friday sales. And, I realized that Thanksgiving is less than three weeks away. It’s crazy.

I’ve been trying to plug away at getting ready for holiday shows. I’m always plagued with so much doubt about whether or not I made the right thing. It’s a silly exercise, and I know I should stop.

It’s the show-and-tell section of my post. I took a metal-etching class last Saturday. I did learn some tips and tricks. And, I was so inspired that when I got home on Sunday, that I did these.

The beau likes the cat in the suit. I like the Space Needle with the rain.

Here’s a commissioned piece for someone whose niece loves compasses. I had some worry in the beginning, but I think it turned out pretty bo

And I think this tree is lovely. It’s maybe a titch big, but I still think i’s pretty great.

After learning that 20 of my art-o-mat pieces have sold, I’ve also spent some time making 50 more.

My resin-splattered silicone mat is an eyesore.

The beau is out of town for the weekend, so I had today to do whatever. I thought I’d work on my art-o-mat stuff, but that didn’t happen. Mostly I tidied, which felt nice. I also played a wee bit with some of the Swellegant metal paints, patinas and dye-oxides. They’ve been on my mind after I recently painted this resin crow.

Resin crown painted with Swellegent and embellished with the darkening patina.

These chipboard pieces are plenty porous; they likely don’t need any prep. However, I prepped some of them. There’s really not a difference.


I love the brass on the turtle, but then again, I love brass in general. The rick bronze is also pretty great. And the iron took more coats than the other metallic paints.

I had fun playing with the dye-oxides, although I’m not crazy about all of the results. The bronze owl took more of the dye color than I thought it would. The brass owl is kind of milquetoast. And, I couldn’t get the gold-verdigris patina to give me the results I want. Perhaps I need to keep trying.

What’s not to love about a chartreuse turtle that’s also showing some signs of patina? The whale has a spot of prep showing through that I could not cover up. You know what? I’m OK with that. The next step is to put a sealant on all of these.

Here are more of the same shapes after I painted them with mica watercolors.

Tomorrow I’d like to tackle my Christmas cards. I had one idea, but after thinking about watercolor paints, I may need to rethink my plan.

Speaking of thinking, I think that knitting or crocheting may be what I need tonight. The only choice now is which project. I know I shouldn’t start anything new, but the temptation is strong. And my resistance to new projects is next to nil. Wish me luck. And stay tuned to see which path I took.


stamping, painting, beading and enameling

Sunday is project day, and there are a few things to show.

After nearly a year since taking my first and only enameling class, I broke out some copper blanks, enamels, my torch and had at it! (Yes, Morgan, I wore a mask and protective eye wear!) I love enameling. What took me so long to try it again? Laziness? Distraction? Fear? Could be any and all of these things. I don’t think I could have gotten back to it so easily without the help of the tutorial at Beaducation.
The Washington state pendant gives me much pleasure. And, I’m happy to have learned that you can enamel on pre-1982 pennies.
On a less-than-thrilled-note, I got some crazy pock marks on one piece. Hmm … what went wrong?

On Friday, needing something new for the market, I finished a spiral stitch bracelet. There’s something so festive about the colors of the beads. They make me happy. For sure the size 6 beads don’t try my patience (and eyes) like the spiral stitch project I started with size 11s months ago. (It was a slow day at the market, and with only six Saturdays left in the season, I need to decide how many more times I’ll return. Two, I think. At least.)

And, I finished another quad stitch necklace. I love this stitch. Plus, the bead colors look like colors I’d like to wear.

Today I took a class with Kae Pea. We stamped and played with paint. Do I love anything I did? No, not really, well, maybe … It’s a start. I am excited to dig through the stamps I have to see how they can be incorporated into doodles or hand-painted pendants or pins. Plus, we go to try Peerless watercolors. There’s still so much to learn and try! Plus, dabbling in other media feels good after so much time with beads and resin.

I feel like I had my hands in a good variety of projects over the last few days. That makes for a good weekend! Hmm … my mini torch is still out. Maybe I should finish the small encaustic pieces I started last year… Did I say good weekend? I meant great!

There’s always time for a distraction

As I mentioned last week, I had a good 10-14 day chunk of time where there was a lot of time and attention given to my birthday and preparing food and presents for others. Last night officially ended my birthday weekend, so now I can get back to working on jewelry pieces. While I only fondled beads as I organized them, I didn’t have time to work on anything new. I did, however, find some time yesterday to break out the watercolor paints and muck about just a little.

I had this stamp for years and never knew what it was. It’s pretty cool. Silly me…

I’m not sure why, but there is something in me that wants to paint. Above all other crafts (or arts!), painting is the one thing that has the strongest siren song. Maybe that’s why I own just about every kind of paint one can have. It’s nearly embarrassing.


I have next to no experience with oils or watercolors. Wait, that’s not true, I did take two polymer clay 

 classes with Doreen Kassel a few years ago, and we painted our clay with oil paints.


Polymer clay painted with oil paints
That leaves watercolors. So, after poking around CraftsyCraftsy, I decided that the watercolor cards class was something I wanted to check out. I’ve learned some good tips and techniques, but mostly I’ve learned that I love to add color with watercolor paints to stamped images.
Instead of making excuses, I’ll just let these images be. Some will be added to thank you cards. Some will serve as inspiration. And some will likely live in some dark corner for a while to be rediscovered months from now. (I kind of love finding things I’ve made and marveling that I ever had a hand in that item/project.


What can I say, I’m a sucker for hedgehogs.
What I’m also loving about painting in stamped images, is that I’ve been digging into my boxes of stays and reintroducing myself to images I’ve not used in a long time.

Rest assured that painting is on the agenda for my next vacation. And, maybe, enameling and beading and encaustic and …

It’s good to play, right? Right!