There’s always time for a distraction

As I mentioned last week, I had a good 10-14 day chunk of time where there was a lot of time and attention given to my birthday and preparing food and presents for others. Last night officially ended my birthday weekend, so now I can get back to working on jewelry pieces. While I only fondled beads as I organized them, I didn’t have time to work on anything new. I did, however, find some time yesterday to break out the watercolor paints and muck about just a little.

I had this stamp for years and never knew what it was. It’s pretty cool. Silly me…

I’m not sure why, but there is something in me that wants to paint. Above all other crafts (or arts!), painting is the one thing that has the strongest siren song. Maybe that’s why I own just about every kind of paint one can have. It’s nearly embarrassing.


I have next to no experience with oils or watercolors. Wait, that’s not true, I did take two polymer clay 

 classes with Doreen Kassel a few years ago, and we painted our clay with oil paints.


Polymer clay painted with oil paints
That leaves watercolors. So, after poking around CraftsyCraftsy, I decided that the watercolor cards class was something I wanted to check out. I’ve learned some good tips and techniques, but mostly I’ve learned that I love to add color with watercolor paints to stamped images.
Instead of making excuses, I’ll just let these images be. Some will be added to thank you cards. Some will serve as inspiration. And some will likely live in some dark corner for a while to be rediscovered months from now. (I kind of love finding things I’ve made and marveling that I ever had a hand in that item/project.


What can I say, I’m a sucker for hedgehogs.
What I’m also loving about painting in stamped images, is that I’ve been digging into my boxes of stays and reintroducing myself to images I’ve not used in a long time.

Rest assured that painting is on the agenda for my next vacation. And, maybe, enameling and beading and encaustic and …

It’s good to play, right? Right!

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