Crafting on the move

Another year. Another market season. Another move.

Here’s me, slow, slow … just plodding along with the things I have to do. (I don’t want to wear sequins, but this little guy pulls it off nicely.)

While the passing of time and ebb and flow of the market season are familiar companion by now, it’s a little stressful to think about moving again.

I’m glad we kept the boxes from last year. I’m glad we kept some boxes packed. I’m glad I’ve been able to do some downsizing. It’s a shame it’s been counteracted with some acquisitions. But, I’m especially glad to be able to say that the beau (let’s call him Walden; my dad does) and I are buying a house – something I wasn’t sure he ever wanted to do or that I’d want to do again. But living among unhung art, unpacked boxes and the ever-present question of “Where is X?” finally got to us.

We kept joking that we needed a small living space with two big studio spaces. Well, we found it. Or it found us. Or, we met in the middle. The kitchen is small. The closets are not quite closets, and I’ve never thought so much about closets in my life so much so that it feels like an obsession! But, but … the glorious outbuilding in back is huge! It has power and ceiling fans and is 100% nicer than any she shed I could imagine. I mean, it’s an honest-to-goodness building that will make for a fabulous studio space for both us. I will have a series of stations for the following: painting, book binding, resin pouring, jewelry making, photography and more. I will be able to set up my easel. I can’t even get my head around that. Having order in my craft world seems like too much to ask, but it’s a goal.

Plus, running the width of the house is a workshop meant for tinkering. Walden hasn’t fully unpacked his tools in nearly half a decade. Now he’ll need more tools to do that space justice.

And the deck … oh, the giant deck. I like to say that it’s “ri-deck-ulous. It, too, runs the width of the house. It will be perfect for morning coffee, afternoon reading that leads to naps and evening dinners and can easily accommodate us and 50 of our closest friends.

We also like to talk about having a library of sorts. We have a double-door room, which has evolved into the Dumbledore room, that gets a lot of natural light. I think it will be a great spot for reading when it’s too hot or too cold outside. For me that’s between 68-74 degrees.

I admit that the house isn’t perfect. It needs some love (don’t we all), but we’re excited to pick out some paint colors, make some changes and call it home. Our home. I have to smile.

Until we’re moved in, I’m working around stacked boxes, disheveled supplies and cluttered spaces. Hey, that sounds—and looks—like the same-ol’, same-ol’.

Until I can document the new place, here are some bits and bobs that have taken up my time since my last post, which was far too long ago.

I made this at Art and Soul in March. Why didn’t I do a post about that?!
Bullseye “Fordite” from a Corvette plant. Ohh …
Oh how I heart this journal cover. I like how two different sprays create the look of off-set printing. Sadly, the finished product keeps giving me fits. And, I have a hard time setting the sprays so that they don’t run when I want to seal them.

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