The future is in the past now

Earlier this week someone told me: Your past is your future.

It really stuck with me. And, I get it. I think. It was prefaced by a comment about “without a major change. …” Regardless, it makes me wonder why bother? I mean: If our past is our future, is our fate sealed? Will I end up back in Indiana putting that German degree to use? Getting boys to help me with power tools. Can I get a do over on a gap year?

Because I don’t think that any of that is going to happen, I have to think how it applies to my life now. Is my past really my future? Am I ready to embark on a non-predetermined path to make my future my future. There’s certainly more to mull over, even .. dare I say it … ponder.

And all the while, I keep thinking of the song “Winter Girl,” with the line “You future is in the past now.”

In the meantime I’ll keep dabbling and scratching that creative itch. (Most of the scratching involves slow, but steady progress on a cross stitch piece for my sister’s birthday. )Here’s a peek.

Here’s the top right corner. It’s been so long since I’ve done any cross stitch. It was my first big craft love!

I’ve been wanting to make a hedgehog like this for more than a year. I’d like to do them in different colors — maybe even a rainbow striped hedgie.

This past week I took a Polaroid Emulsion Lift class with Thelma Harris. It was a lot of fun, and I’ve been taking a lot of Polaroid pictures to do more emulsion lifts. Studying up on how to get better photos is my next challenge.

I know I need to “make” more keycaps. In the meantime, here’s one that just needed some resin. But, maybe it needs something on the sides? Yes? No?

I bough a plain water bottle, and put some vinyl decals on it — Bigfoot (autocorrect says the capital B is necessary. Oh, what a world!), hedgehog, squid and a seahorse. While I had my Silhouette out I cut out a few more things. My Silhouette and I need some more alone time together.

That UW Surplus sticker really adds to the hedgehogs, don’t you think.

In addition to work and making things, we made a quick trip to the Bay Area. We saw SponTourCo as part of SF Sketchfest. And, I don’t even want to talk about Spontaneanation being over. Oh, what a stupid world.

Kinder Cardigan Cop forever!

(Seems like as good of a sign off as any.)


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