I do love the color green–and elephants

Day 7 of the bead challenge was to design and make something with chain. My bead challenge hack has to redo this bracelet. 

When I first made it–a good two or three years ago–I accidentally snipped off the length of leather I needed to make the loop for the button.

 The button is too cute to not put it to use, so I’m glad I finally fixed/finished it. 

Today’s challenge was to use two-hole czechmate beads. This is a simple pattern, but I’m charmed by it. I’m eager to make more. Maybe some with five (or more) pieces of memory wire. Please note that I’ve used green in about half of the challenges so far. Such a good color.

Tomorrow I’ll make a charm bracelet or bangle. I think that will be good fun and be something to have for sale at the market.

Lastly, my real challenge this week was making this square out of cube beads. 

The tricky part was that the instructional photos were a little vague, and the instructions were in Russian. With the help of google translator I learned that some of the necessary materials for making it include “security” and “semiconductors.” One line of instructions read: “… It can ask that he held the form.” Good stuff.

Ok, time to tackle some project that I want to work on just for me. Such a selfish Steph, I know…

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