Three more days of Fusion Bead’s bead challenge

First, I’m skipping tomorrow’s Downtown Abbey challenge. But, I’ll be readying some reain pieces for Mom, so it’s not like I won’t be making anything.

Anywho, Thursday’s challenge was to use the flat spiral rope technique. Ta da! I’m crazy about this technique and want to make many of these.

 Yesterday’s was to incorporate fire polished beads into a project. I made this basic necklace 

to accompany this pendant.

Today’s challenge was to play with wire. I don’t have the time to do everything I want, but I kind of like this wire-wrapped piece of glass that I fused last weekend.

When is the bead embroidery challenge? I’m itching to try some free form bead embroidery. Maybe I’ll make a hedgehog or squid. I also want to make a cube out of cube beads. I’m sure it can’t be that difficult, but the Russian instructions I’ve found are a little … less than ideal.

Oh, and beyond the challenges, I spent a chunk of time painting all of these yesterday.  Now to put them to use.


Time to iron my dress for tonight’s gala. Oh how I hope Joni Balter is there. If she is, I’m going to be a total fangirl!!

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