Project ‘ Why am I obsessed?’

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been watching a lot of Project Runway. Some shows really lend themselves to binge watching, others not so much. Project Runway is somewhere in between. Once the show is down to less than 10 contestants, the competition heats up, and the designs, imho, really start to deserve attention.
Also, let me say that I could wear t-shirts with jeans or cords every day and be quite happy. I’m no fashion icon or expert. I don’t “get” a lot of fashion, either. Really, I am all about comfort and ease.

This way-behind-the-times musing all came about one night after Morgan and I watched four back-to-back episodes of Making a Murderer. Morgan needed something, as he said, that wouldn’t frustrate him, so we found the earliest season of Project Runway on Hulu, which was season 6. For nearly 18 months, he’s been telling me that I would love the show because it’s about crafting. It’s not really about crafting, but I do love the glimpses viewers get into the creative process. In fact, I wish we got way more of that. (I’m hoping that the DVDs will have more talking through the process and less background sniping.)

From the beginning, I found Tim Gunn to be the highlight of the show. I’m sure that puts me in a agreement with every other fan of the show. He is a class act, and offers up a master class in manners. Seriously, I may have to track down Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Maybe. The judging wears me out and breaks my brain sometimes. I need more about the creative process and more words of wisdom from Mr. Gunn. I think what he says to the designers is good advice for any crafters/makers: Use an editing eye. Be willing to take risks. Always listen to your gut.
While the judging is my least favorite part of the show, I do like hearing the judges say how they want to see “who the designer is” in the creation. That’s another good lesson for me and my fellow makers/crafters to keep in mind.

One more good thing about it? It’s a great thing to have on while I work on other things. It really only requires a little looking with a lot of listening. And, I’ve used that time to finish some things and start some others. I could use of month of that. (Don’t get me started on how I love to dream about being on a four- to six-week house arrest.)

Even though I woke up this morning and realized that I only have three months until the market starts up again, I’m still very much in a knitting and crocheting frame of mind. Maybe the jewelry class I’m taking on Saturday will get me back into jewelry-making mode. Fingers crossed. Wait, that’s a lie. My fingers will be busy with knitting needles and crochet hooks until I’m ready to tuck them away for the season.

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