Let’s make it a line list day

On Sundays I like to show off the week’s projects.
This week I was inspired to start a knitting a poncho. People are saying they’re all the rage. We’ll see if I love it or not. I do love the colors.

I also (finally!) finished the chain for this resin and glitter cat. I do kind of love it.

I also stamped on boring mosaic titles. I am excited as all get out to put those to use.

Then there’s this space needle. It will be, as Morgan called it, a “pindant.” I need one of those pin/brooch converters first. And, how did he know about those and I didn’t?

I did score a copy of The Crazy Cat Lady Game at Goodwill today. I think the board will make for great journal covers. The cats will be put to use somehow. I do so love Goodwill!

 The rest of the week will be spent working an order from mom and some prep work for next week’s craft fair. Funny, I was actually feeling kind of caught up. Isn’t that always how it goes.

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