First day of the market

How can it be that it’s already the start of another market season? This is the 40th year of the Redmond Saturday Market and my sixth season there. (It’s also my first season without my brother volunteering there or serving as the onsite manager. I suppose I’ll adapt, but I’m still not crazy about the idea.)

It’s good to be back among friendly, familiar faces. I know some people don’t understand why I give my Saturdays to the market, but there are so many worse ways to spend a day.

You know what else is good about the market? Morgan digs that I do it. That certainly makes it easier to give up a chunk of my weekend. One way he shows his support is by looking for ways to make my set up easier for me. He made these great cases for me. They look wonderful and really did save me several minutes.  

Indeed, he’s great, and I appreciate the hell out of him!  

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