Wood burning

I don’t know why, but this spring I’ve decided that I need to up my wood-burning skills–what few skills I have.

I have a simple tool, nothing like the expensive ones that serious pyrographers use.

I’ve been drawing some simple, cartoony cats and decided to try burning them into wood. I made two bracelets and colored one with prismacolors and the other with water color pencils. I have to say, while the cats are no natural color, I much prefer the water color pencils.

And then there’s this guy. A colleague was trimming a tree and gave me several round pieces like this. I’m not sure if it’s his fur or what, but I want him to be real so that I can hug him.

There’s still so much to learn and try. I’ll get there, maybe… In the meantime I’ll continue to have fun while I try to brush up on those elusive skills.

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