Long time coming

Wow! How is it that I haven’t posted anything in so long? Could it be the back-to-back work trips that took me to Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, New Hampshire and Vermont? Indeed, I think that’s the reason.

On the trips I came close to finishing a shawl, worked on Morgan’s socks and read two books. (I loved both The Book that Matters Most and Dumplin’. Both had something that I needed, and I can’t say that it’s only coincidence that I read them when I did. I love how books often reach you when you need them most.

I’ve been home for a week now, and I’ve been able to get quite a few things done. (Including some gardening and work on a birthday present.)

To help get myself focused, I set out everything that I’d like to finish in time for the market. I’ve made a decent dent, but there’s still so much to do.

(Before you get the picture parade, I will start by saying that I know I need more process photos. At this time of year, at the heart of market prep, it’s hard to slow down and take photos. I mostly just want to get things made!)

All of these pieces are waiting for some bead embroidery. I really want to tackle the yellow and black piece of resin, even though I’m not sure that it would be a big hit. I know, I should start with the lucite.
These three pieces used to be wire wrapped together. And then … some Mickey Mouse comments prompted me disassemble them and turn them into a pendant and earrings.
I turned this “Mickey Mouse” head upside down and think that this look, with wire-wrapped crystals joining sections of chain, is pretty good.
I’d socked away these purplish beads and when I unearthed them, I know that I needed to stamp on the big one. I kind of love it. The owl is pretty great, imho.
After the class I took on coloring metal, I was inspired to do these piece. The pink-and-blue one says “Love.” I did another Love piece with a backwards “e.” Oh Stephanie … I may have to wear it myself.
These are the three wood-burned discs that I colored in. I covered both sides of each pendant with resin.The one on the bottom right is the backside with some pebeo paint. It’s pretty cool. I’d love to dangle some crystals, but that would make it a little uncomfortable, if someone wanted to wear the other side facing out.
These three are made from either paper clay or polymer clay. That reminds me, I’m taking an image-transfer-on-polymer-clay class in two weeks. Yahoo!!!
Another polymer clay piece, painted with crackle paint and acrylics. I love all of those fire-polished beads. That is the Stephanie color palette. No other colors need apply.


I can’t jury for journals until the second Saturday of May, so I have a little extra time to finish the journals I’d like to make. Remember the image transfer journal cover that didn’t work out? I just pasted some scrapbook paper over those eyesores and here’s how the outside will look on both sides. I love it! I added some sparkly embossing powder, which doesn’t really show up in this photo. Guess you’ll have to pop by the Redmond Saturday Market and check it out in person.

Journal cover. I think I need to move away from underwater themes soon.
Journal cover. I think I need to move away from underwater themes soon.

OK, it’s time to pack up some projects to take the East Side. It’s Easter and my brother’s birthday. We’ve got a double celebration in the works!

A week in the life

Once again I can’t help but marvel at how a girl who really likes to write struggles with creating blog posts. Regardless, I’m here now and ready to share some of what claimed my time last week. I had the week off, and it was great to be a little bit lazy and whole lot of productive.

Before I could make a mess, I had to tidy up. In doing so, I took a long look at this encaustic piece I did a couple of years ago. After trying it out, I think it might just stay where it is.

Cat meets fowl
Encaustic painting

Then, I rekindled my romance with pearl knotting and whipped up these necklaces. Two of them sold at the market last week. (Yay!!) Plus, it’s the ideal craft for Morgan’s place. We don’t alway agree on how much light there should be, and pearl knotting does not necessitate any kind of interrogation light.

Pearl-knotted necklaces
Pearl-knotted necklaces

The week away from work also gave me an opportunity to have lunch with my friend Jonna. It was a pleasure to visit with her and her daughter. And, I ended up the happy recipient of many new enameling powders. So, I spent Wednesday enameling. I still haven’t mastering the bead-pulling station. Grr …

Multi-colored enameled pendants
Multi-colored enameled pendants

Enameled pendants
Enameled pendants

But I’m pleased with these flat pieces.

Then it was time to break out the polymer clay to see what I could do. I’d recently seen a post about creating a faux glazed- ceramic look with clay, so I gave it a whirl. Like the enameled pieces, there were hits and misses. I’m particularly pleased with these two. IMG_7017

Polymer clay pendants
Polymer clay pendants

This piece is no specific look, but I think it’s kind of cool. How will I turn these all in to actual necklaces? Stay tuned …

Stamped and marbled clay pendant
Stamped and marbled clay pendant

And here, just for fun, are two pieces I whipped up while at the market. I am very much taken by the cat. I just love those colors.

Resin clay cat in a beaded bezel with a wire-wrapped necklace and a beaded circle necklace
Resin clay cat in a beaded bezel with a wire-wrapped necklace and a beaded circle necklace

Next, I want to say how much I love Rubber Moon Stamps. Some of their designs are so lovely and inspiring. Sure, they might be a little woo-woo, but I do mean that in the best possible way.

A lovely Rubber Moon stamp
A lovely Rubber Moon stamp

So that’s kind of it, in a nutshell. I found stuff to donate, throw away, file away and finish. It was indeed a soul-satisfying week. Now, four about 10 more just like it.