Anything-but-lazy days of summer

Every year I keep in my heart the notion that summer will be lazy, easy, languid. And every year, it’s a ridiculously busy season. This year is no exception. I think that once this month is over — marking the halfway point of the market season — I’ll have a little more breathing room. On the bright side, my week off is less than two weeks away, and I’ll have a Saturday off from the market to kick off that week.

This my be my favorite keycap so far. Thank goodness several years of working with resin have trained me for this kind of thing.

I will, however, be attending the mechanical keyboard meet-up on that free Saturday. Apparently someone who has come up with a kit for making a keycap mold will be there. That is something I’d like to see — and maybe purchase. And some cherry-profile caps are on there way to me. Some more keycaps will be in the works soon.

The keycaps I’ve made, in their adorable case.

In the meantime, I embellished/enhanced/”made” a few more keycaps this past week. For precision, the toothpick is my friend.

Pebeo paint + keycaps = tiny fun.

I also had fun with more bead embroidery this week.

I made the owl cabochon and then added several rows of beading around it. This pleases me.
Some rockabilly gal will love this. Right?


Anything featuring chartreuse is a-ok in my book.

Today I popped into the Value Village in Redmond and hit pay dirt! I’ve been searching for a copy of that since last year. The two journals I made with the first one were attention grabbers.

Aside from the old “Careers” game I found earlier this year, this is the best find of 2017.

After that score, I wandered into Ben Franklin looking for some fun scrapbook paper to use on the inside of the “Crazy Cat Lady” journals, the “Puppy-opoly” game I found last week and the Seattle Monopoly game I’ve had at the ready for awhile. I think these end papers will really make a big difference.

Fun scrapbook paper just waiting to become end papers for a journal.

Lastly, I am pleased to say that my artomat submission was mailed last Wednesday. I hope to hear from them this week.

My Artomat submission. It is a pressed flower in resin. I drilled a hole and added a cord to make it into a necklace.
This is the logo Morgan came up with. I think the words on the label are perfectl and incorporate my business name and the product in an ideal way.

This day full of chores has left me with little time for making anything. I’m hoping to get something accomplished yet this week. So … until next week when I’ll be at the Redmond Saturday Market and the Lake Forest Park Farmers Market.

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