Cursing procrastination!

A sheep fit for Prince.

Was it January or February when I got the order for five sequin sheep. I finished one, started another and then let them sit. I’m not sure when or why the motivation hit, but I decided that it was high time to finish them. Ta da! Tomorrow they’ll be on their way to California.

These two might be my favorite. And yes, I fixed the thread issue on the rainbow sheep. I was so worried about the stripes, and Morgan teased me for worrying about the “accuracy” of a rainbow-striped sheep.
The top sheep needs to be shorn.

Because I just got back from a work trip to NYC, I didn’t have a lot of time to make things this week.

I did finish this pendant, which sold based on a Facebook post.

Pendant made from a button. Those iridescent o beads are my new favorite thing!

And, today I tried my hand at marbling paper with fingernail polish. The results were OK. I think that maybe I needed more polish in the water. And, I think I might want to use some heavier card stock. I also wonder how other media will — or won’t stick to the surface.

I do love how shiny all of these are. I cannot help but think they will make for good backgrounds for journal overs. Or, the start of good backgrounds.

I should write¬†more, but I need to pack up the sheep, pack up stuff for work and then get to sleep at a decent hour. I’ve been tired/sleepy in a way I can’t shake, and here’s hoping I can put an end to that tonight.

Sweet dreams all!

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