I’d forgotten the fun of collage

First things first: I am officially allowed to sell journals at the Redmond Saturday Market now. And, to sweeten that reality, three of my journals sold last week. Which, while validating, sent me into a panic about needing to make more. So, this week has been about collaging. I have to admit that I felt no small amount of panic knowing that what I create will be “out there” for people to judge with their dollars—or not. Never mind that that’s how it is and has been with my jewelry for years now.

Meet my mom — sometime in the early to mid 60s. Morgan loves this collage. It has its charms.
The back side of the “Mutti” journal. I feel OK about this one, too.

Here’s where one moment of distraction will lead to some serious heartbreak. I want this to be the front, and the I punched the holes on the wrong side of each cover. Oh, Stephanie! 

Here’s the now front of the “Remember” journal. There’s some cool texture at the bottom that isn’t obvious from this photo. Have I said lately how much stencils and sprays/mists make me happy?


Hedgehog journal cover! Do I really need to say anything else?
The interesting thing is that one of my fellow vendors, who served as a judge on my three-person jury, gave me a lot of unsolicited advice. Some of it was good: shut the car’s hatch, put down a rug or some such and don’t let people be distracted by stuff beyond your booth.
So, I ironed my big plastic banner and bought some astro turf. We’ll see what a difference those to things do or do not make.
But then he went on to say that jewelers are everywhere and I should focus on journals and less on the jewelry. I was kind of miffed about that. My stuff if not unique to the world; however, it’s different from what the other jewelers at RSM have to offer.
It did lead me to wonder (again) if I should focus on just two or three types of jewelry. But what would I give up? Not resin or beads or dried flowers or metal or clay. I do think that I can remove some of the small-ticket items. Perhaps that’s the key.
Anywho, now that I’ve mentioned clay, here are some of this week’s experiments. More crackle paint on clay.
After waiting two weeks, I finally stuck these pieces in the toaster oven so that they’d dry and the paint would turn white. That did the trick. I love the color on the top two pieces on the right. Those on the left are waiting for color.
From this angle, the flower looks acceptable. However, I had to add more alcohol ink on top of it. See below.
Finally some colors I can live with.

Even better, richer colors. I remember how hopeful I was that the resin wouldn’t remove the ink color. Instead, it darkened it up.
That dark blob on the upper right? That was the piece with the read and gray. I’m disappointed that it didn’t turn out how I had hoped. But, what fun is it if there’s no learning curve.
I’m kind of gutted that the alcohol ink darkened up so much. The gray and red were so lovely before. I feel OK about the blue and silver piece. Now I need a follow-up test to see if spraying them with a sealant will help. I wonder if anyone has every put resin over something sealed with Renaissance Wax? Or Tim Holtz’s Mircro Glaze.
Speaking of Tim Holtz, I’ve watched plenty of his videos this week. From Distress Crayons to the sprays and products in between, making more than the occasional collage has really open up my world. I’ve worried more than once that I’ll lose interest in jewelry, but I really don’t think that’s possible. And, just this morning two bead-embroidery pendants were commissioned, and I’m eager to start on those. (If you’re reading this: Thanks, Robin!)
Just a small pair of earrings whipped up so that I can have some new jewelry at the market tomorrow.

I think I need to move my blog release day from Saturday to Sunday. Friday and Saturday are just a little to hectic. We’ll see …

Have a lovely weekend all.

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