Playing with patinas

This week disappeared in a blur.

I took the day off on Friday, and Morgan and I hopped the ferry to Bainbridge for some breakfast and wandering around. It was what we needed.

Our view as we sailed away from Seattle. Despite the gray skies, it turned into a lovely day.
Our view as we sailed away from Seattle. Despite the gray skies, it was actually a lovely day.

At the art museum’s gift shop Morgan tried to teach me the lesson of pricing my items correctly. I just don’t know that it stuck.

Last night a gallbladder attack impinged upon a good night’s sleep. So, I spent a good couple of hours watching videos about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. I’m bummed that only parts of Tonya’s story were told back in 1994. I’m not making any comments on guilt or innocence, I only know that she had certain circumstances working against her that I didn’t hear about back then.

After less than four hours of sleep, I’m about as sleepy as a girl can be. I’m trying to keep moving, like a shark, to stay awake

Enough of that! Last night I turned the ankle on the first sock. I’ve reached the fast part and am for sure in the home stretch. Yahoo!

Earlier in the week I worked on two gray sheep. It’s fascinating how the bodies take on a life of their own no matter how I try to repeat a shape.

Dark gray sheep.
Dark gray sheep.
Light gray sheep body with 5 mm sequins. They are too small.

Yesterday I took a class on applied patinas. Liver of sulphur is fun, fun, fun, but I most enjoyed adding color. It’s always nice to have new uses for craft products that I already have. Iris blue might be my second favorite Gilder’s Paste color after German silver.

Liver of sulfur and a general metal pickle just waiting for us.
So many pieces to be textured and patinaed.
So many pieces to be textured and patinaed.
Copper and brass colored with alcohol inks, vintaj patinas and gilder’s paste. The oval in the middle on the left has a lovely heat patina. I’m afraid that it will disappear once I seal it.

While looking for the metal pieces I worked on in the heat patina class last year, I found these painted filigree pieces. These are what I call inspirational, not aspirational, clutter. I see them and am inspired to make something with them.  I’m only kind of bummed that they’re all painted and not bare and ready for what I learned yesterday. On the other hand, that fact that they’re ready to be finished or incorporated into something means that I’m kind of ahead.

Filigree pieces that have been painted and glittered up. Most things really are better with glitter.


OK, time to keep on moving. I can feel my eyelids getting heavy. Maybe I should give in and take a little nap. Grr … I do not care for feeling this way.

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