Insomnia, my old friend

Sleep is an elusive thing this week. That is, real and lengthy sleep. So, after waking up at 4 a.m. (on a Saturday!!), I poked around online looking at information about liquid enamels. That got me to wondering about enameling pieces of copper that had been etched. How would a transparent color look over that?

So, I got myself out of bed and etched some metal.

Copper etched with salt water.
Copper etched with salt water.


I’m sad to say the results are not what I’d hoped for. Maybe just a clear enamel would be best. Maybe I need a lighter coat of the lightest transparent colors. Although I’m frustrated and feel like I wasted an hour or so, I know it was a good start, and I’ll forge ahead.

If you look close, you can see a hint of the owl.
I’m disappointed in this hedgehog. Breaks my heart to see the blotchy enamel, too.
More blotchy enamel, but at least you can (kind of) see the hedgehog.

So, time to pick the beads back up and work on this guy.

The beginnings of a bead-embroidered cat. He's a little frowny, I know.
The beginnings of a bead-embroidered cat. He’s a little frowny, I know.

And, in recognition of the big things — thank you, Elizabeth Warren — and the small things, like forging ahead in the face of craft fails, these pendants are also in the works.



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