The Unpost

How did it get to be nearly the end of July? Summer feels like more of a theory this year than an actual season. I suppose that’s ok, as I’ll take this cool weather over last year’s sweltering temperatures.

Last week I participated in Lake Forest Park annual summer craft vendors’ day. It was a great day in the sun, meeting new people. And, there I’m able to sell journals, so I spent some time making a few journals. (How much do I love my bind-it-all?!) And, how much do love the journal I made from a copy of the Christian ┬áversion of the Ungame?! I glued in some question cards, and think that overall it’s pretty great.

It’s Wednesday, and I’m already feeling good (that is, ready) for Saturday’s market. There’s just a little gluing and some connecting of shrink plastic pieces, and I can call it good. It’s amazing how many jewelry elements I have squirreled away that are nearly ready to go, but haven’t been completed. I will be making use of those.

I have next week off from the day job. I think I’ll putter around, do some enameling and put some beads to good use. All I know is that I need a week at home.

Also, twice last weekend I was asked about teaching. It’s exciting, but terrifies me. That seems kind of silly because I’ve been thinking that I should have gone into education. Could that be “two great ‘tastes’ that taste great together?” I don’t know. What I do know is that, as usual, my head is full of ideas, thoughts, worries, speculation and so much more. How to make sense of it all?

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