Not too shabby

Oh, Sunday. How I dislike your day-long reminder that I’ll be back at work the next day. In fact, as much as I used to love the song “Manic Monday” by The Bangles, I never understood why she called Sunday her fun day. Makes no sense!
All of that aside, today I’m glad to look back the week’s activities. Or, maybe it’s the fact that yesterday was the day I needed: Social shopping with mom and four episodes of Making a Murderer with the boyfriend. (We must finish it today, or all of the supplemental info I’ve sought out will spill out of my mouth, and he will not be happy.)

I did finish one sock and just cast on the stitches for the second.
I made a quick scarf from some yummy bulky alpaca yarn.

  Mom commissioned a pair of slippers for a crash pad-mate who liked a pair a slippers I’d made for mom years ago.

   Maybe these slippers will help her walk away from the life she’d like to leave in Indiana.

I’m also plugging away on the prismacolored copper. I think the key is slowing down. Or, using turpanoid instead of workable fixative. I hope to ramp up my progress a bit this week.

And, I experimented with the coconut macaroon cookie spread I was given at Christmas. 

  Instead of downing it by the spoonful, I thought I’d try baking with it, using a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe. There was no way the dough would result in cookies, rather than “pools” of cooked dough. So, I put the dough in cupcake papers. They taste ok, but there’s not a lot of substance to them. 

What they do have, in spades, is oil. I think they even triggered my faulty gallbladder valve. Oh well, I tried.I’ve tended to my GB and am now prepping for a savory waffle dinner for Morgan and me. If that fails, there’s always Humble Pie about two blocks away. Yay!!

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