Time to get back to it

Oh the new year. While New Year’s Eve is a pretty lame holiday, I don’t mind the natural reminder to look back on the past year and make some plans for the new year. In an email from Craftsy, the message was to resolve to do more of what you love. I can get behind that.
I was thinking that reading for 10 minutes a day would be nice. So would coloring.

The beau and I stated a puzzle last night, which was great until we finished the border this morning and realized that finishing th3 2,000-piece “Starry Night” puzzle was going to take way too long and too much table space. So, back in the box it went. Maybe we’ll pop into Columbia City’s Retroactive Kids to look for a new one before seeing the new Star Wars film today

Anywho, back to looking back at the last year. 2015 was good. Busy. Productive in many ways. I had a streak of blogging that surprised me. And then the holidays showed up. I think I could have handled the work for holiday shows and my previous blogging commitments (to myself), but my vow to make only one gift snowballed — as it always does. And that snowball took over all spare moments.
I made:
A shark tail afghan for my great niece. (Like the popular mermaid tail afghans, but gray and with the fins turned 90 degrees.)  

A scarf for my youngest nephew.
Three “Cultivate Goodness” screen-printed t-shirts (for my oldest nephew, the niece’s beau and my brother-in-law).
A t-shirt for my sister with iron-on letters. (I learned that iron-on letters are not my friend. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.)
A poncho for the oldest niece
A necklace for my sister-in-law.
An enameled necklace for my friend Sarah.
A bracelet for mom.  

A wrap for Pennie.
Socks for my unicorn.  

And, I’ve recently started another pair of socks, for Asha.

Since Christmas I’ve also made a wrap, poncho and granny square scarf for myself.  

 I’ve started three scarves and two ponchos. I need to focus. I’m ready to be a little self indulgent and just make stuff for myself. Or, stuff that I want to make, not stuff I have to make.

Today I need pick the next craft book to go through/evaluate. I’ve also decided I need to try using colored pencils on copper. The gesso is drying on the copper blanks right now.

I think I’ll break out the Prismacolors and keep streaming The Flop House to fuel my activities.
See you Thursday!

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