Foolish follies in pain(t), part two

Oh, I was bad this week. OK, maybe not bad, but distracted. Vacation days pass so quickly that I have to wonder how I get anything done during a regular work week. Geez …

I did transfer a sketchbook image onto a substrate, per the book Daring Adventures in Paint, (which I began talking about last week), and here it is. Is it my style, or is it a blatantly beginner’s work? Both? 


Morgan and I talked a lot about it. He has a proper background in art. I am driven by the urge to create and play and just kind of run amok all guided by gut feelings. But, he had some good ideas for me. Not answers for fixing my ugly, blobby painting, but for me as a curious crafter.

Daring Adventures in Paint book suggests working on a collaborative painting. I want the squid painting to be that one. And, I want him to be my collaborator. (Always and forever!)

But, lest anyone think I’ve been lounging around, I haven’t. There has been some resin pouring, more enameling 

and even some journal making. Which brings me to the whole idea of a these book reviews. Just today I checked out a book on drawing, two on mosaics, and one by Lynda Barry — just for fun. Typically I request a book — or 10 — and go straight to the hold shelves, check out and head out. today I browsed the stacks, and my discoveries made me happy.

Tuesday evening, in a burst of inspiration to make a journal, I got an e-loan and made this tiny journal. 

I know, I know … Apple ad materials are everywhere, but they were the prototype sacrifice. I’m not hung up on the outcome, rather inspired by the process. I even made journal covers from two CDs that were heading to Goodwill anyway.

But, I rushed myself and messed up the holes I punched. Harrumph!

Long story, long, my point is that I have been dipping into a book or two every day. I’ll finish up the painting book next week. Rebound, the source of the gift card booklet, has a lot of great ideas, but I know that I won’t use many of them. Geez, I feel awful saying I wouldn’t add that book to my collection. (Honestly, some of the projects seemed a little intimidating for my skill level.) I’m glad, however, to say that the author, Jeannine Stein , has some great projects on her website. Like this one. Oh, I really want to make a journal like that. But, I would also like to do some mini-mosaic making and maybe some bead looming in addition to market prep work.
Maybe, I can tend to some of that yet tonight. Or, maybe I’ll climb into bed early a stack of books at my side, and catch up on my craft p*rn.

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