Another personal challenge

My studio has taken on the look of a warehouse. I love being surrounded by my books, beads and art supplies. Seriously, the room is messy, but I find so much comfort amid these things.
I also know that I need to stop amassing and start using. So in addition to going through all of the books on my shelves, I’m also committing to using up what I have and only hitting up my favorite bead suppliers when there’s something I have to have that is somehow, improbable as it may be, not in in my stash.

There is yarn to use. And paints. And beads. There are random bits and bobs. Much of it is tucked away in an organizational plan that made sense two years ago. So many things have migrated in that time. So, I hope to have many Christmas-morning-like surprises. I imagine I will.

I don’t have much to show today. How about these pendants featuring my brother’s artwork?

 When will he get back into his painting groove? Will he ever get back to that space. I hope so.

I should write more, but no. I need to put some exercises from this week’s book into action. And get an order out. And make some thank you cards. I kind of long for some lazy time, but I’m thankful for the people in my life who will get the cards and who place orders. No complaints here.

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