Birthday season

It’s my first Saturday off from the market this month. Only two months left. They tend to be the slowest two months for me, so I’m staring down decisions attending vs. working on my site/online store. 

I love being there and chatting with my neighbors. However, it was nice to sleep in (until 6) this morning. My beau is doing his thing, and I’m tending to things that I need to do. 

While my evenings have passed by in a blur, I am pleased with these two projects that I finished. The jellyfish pendant is for a friend’s birthday. The blue piece was a commission for one of my sister-in-law’s friends. I’m kind of mad at myself for taking so long to make the kind of chains I made for them. But, better late than never. 

Now I can get on with things I want to make. Not only are beading projects in the agenda, but so is playing with watercolor paints, fleshing out my plan of attack for making sure I make regular posts and so much more. Thank goodness it’s a cool, windy, rainy day –perfect for staying in and getting stuff done.

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