Because … That’s why

Why is making posts so difficult? I wish I knew.

Things that have kept me busy this week:

* Seeing/hearing Brené Brien speak and walking away with a very full brain.

* finishing some papier mâché books and a rake to accompany a doll that will be gifted to a friend tomorrow.

* sleep. I slept 10 hours one night this week. My beau/unicorn encouraged me to give into slumber early midweek, and that’s what I did. It felt amazing.

* a daisy chain bracelet for a friend. Of course I didn’t photograph it, but she said it fits just fine and the colors are perfect.

* flat spiral stitch bracelets. I’ve started a third, have only photographed two. The Unicirn said its the prettiest centipede he’s ever seen. Mom has one to “test drive”. She’s still busy and active as a flight attendant, so she’s the best spokesmodel around.

* an embroidered birthday gift. I’ve owed a friend this “portrait” of her dog for ages. I enjoyed working on it, and would like to do more embroidery soon. In fact, I’d like to do some small-scale embroidery, cut out the fabric and then submerge it in resin in a bezel.

Ok, that’s enough for now. 

I’ve got a week off soon and am hoping to get a lot accomplished, which should inspire some photos and posts.

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