Guinea pigs (or, Meerschweinchen)

I have to thank two people who have fostered my love of jewelry making: my mother and my sister-in-law, Hedra.  Both have served as good sounding boards, consistent cheerleaders and great spokes/sales models for  what I make. And now, as their birthdays approach—Wednesday and Friday of this week—I like to use the gift-giving occasion as  an opportunity to try something new.

The theme for both of them this year is crystals. Mutti’s favorite color is aquamarine; Heather is moving beyond purple and asked for something with turquoise. We’ll see how they react. 


Actually, Mutti is getting two pairs of earrings. In the non-crystal pair, I realized that I really enjoy the flat square stitch and am now wondering what else I can do with it. 


 And Heather is getting a new bracelet. It’s impossible not look at it and see anything but the flaws. You know,  I have until Friday … maybe I’ll undo it and then redo it.

I’m a little leery of posting picture just yet in case either of the checks this blocks. But, if they do, the: Hey, I had some visitors!

Now it’s time to sweep up the glitter spill that happened earlier. Come on, homemade cards need glitter.

Stay tuned, I’ll post their reactions after their birthdays.


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