I had vision of sitting down last Sunday and writing a few entries–or photo captions if the truth be told. The flesh is willing, etc. Now, a week later, it’s past time to get to bed so that I can get a decent amount of sleep and still no entries.

In all fairness, I had my Hoosier niece here, hosted a birthday party for a friend and attended my first CHA. (So hoping that it wasn’t my last.) All of those things likely deserve their own entries–or at least some words– but all I want to do is play with polymer clay and pretend my other obligations don’t exist.
These two beads-to-be are my first attempts at hedgehog canes. I know where I went wrong in both, but all in all they’re not too shabby. I will make another attempt, hopefully successful, and then try to figure out how to make a squid cane. 
But for now, sleep.

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